DIY : Snow Globes

Chicken Strips is back with another one of her fun crafty tutorials! SNOW GLOBES!!!! Don't you wish you were one of her kids???? I mean seriously. 


I made this when I was in elementary school and it has always been one of my favorite decorations. So, when I pulled it out this year as we were decorating for Christmas and my five year old exclaimed, "Ooo mommy this is so cool," I knew it was on.

Simple and the kiddos can totally help with the tracing, cutting, glueing, placing…etc..

Here are the supplies you need:

The glass was $0.50 from Goodwill, the horse was something we had and the tree was just from the doll house hobby section at a hobby store. Oh, and the snow was 80% off after Christmas. (My original had glitter, but I found the snow on super sale and thought it would be fun.)

Trace and cut your circle for the bottom of the globe.

Stretch out the cotton ball and work it to fit the circle.

Make holes in the cotton where the miniatures will be placed and glue the miniatures to the cardboard, working the cotton around them afterward--I did need to remove some of the cotton so it wasn't so fluffy for one or two of the globes. (I did use hot glue for this step, but elmers glue would work too, you would just need to wait for it to dry for the last step.) Glue cotton down with regular glue.

Snow. You need less than you think--maybe a teaspoon?  I did not measure, but you can test the amount by putting the bottom (with miniatures) on before glueing it and seeing how the snow falls and if it is the amount you want.


Turn it upside right and let dry.

Here are all the ones we made..


  1. Love these! I made a big one of these in an upside down mason jar for my winter mantle...so easy and so cute! how fun!