Easy Chalkboard Lettering | for those of us with terrible penmanship

 *DISCLAIMER* This was an impromptu addition to our wall and also unplanned project to blog about. I very sorry for such awful iPhone photos.

When we bought the house the basement was to be the "man cave". It was Tom's office + football watching TV + beer fridge etc….well life around here has evolved. He works a lot less from home and I needed more crafty space. He has generously let me sort of "have that nook of his man cave. I have decorated it as I want but still in keeping with the rustic tone of the basement and colors that he and I agreed on for the man cave. This year I promise to finally do my snippet house tour and you will get some sneak peeks of my space. Today though, I'm focusing on an addition that again Tom generously agreed to let me make …

After a friend of mine was over and actually thought I free handed the "man cave"  wording on our basement stair landing wall, I thought I ought to share with you all how I get crisp and near perfect results when I'm writing/decorating all the chalkboards/walls in my house!!

The cat is out of the bag. I trace the letters. I download fonts like a crazy person based on all those font pins on Pinterest so that I have lots of options for projects like this. (yes, I could use my cricut and sometimes I do, but for this project I wanted this specific font)

Then I cut out the letters. This is the sucky part where the cricut is the better option. I don't really get too detailed with it because I just use these as a guideline when I trace. I do still freehand and tweak the shapes of the letters here and there.

I use scrapbooking glue on the backs of letters. Let them dry about 15-30 seconds and then stick them up once they aren't too sticky. Just sticky enough to stay put. With a pencil I trace around. The pencil barely shows up on chalkboard paint which is great should you somehow make a mistake but also you have the ability to erase if need be.

 peeling the letters off.

I personally like my chalk to be wet to make it glide better when I write so I always use a little glass filled with water that I can continuously dip my chalk into. Then I simply just trace my pencil tracings.

Lastly, I decided to fill in my letters on studio so that it looked totally different from the "man cave". Then to bedazzle the "studio" with an arrow situation.

I have a feeling this wall will continue to fill up.. Just as I did this addition Tom suggested I make a beer list of what he keeps stocked..and then of course we would want a wine list too.. Oh my. I may need to paint another chalkboard wall.  Although any more chalkboards have been forbidden.  eek! I may have an addiction.

Hope my lil "cheat" helps you out!! 

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  1. You totally should have let me believe it was your handlettering and I would've believed you! So did you cut out a shape of the horse for tonight's party too then? ;)

  2. I always just assumed you did it by hand too since you are crafty! I also can't cut well lol And everyone knows I have the writing of a third grade boy :)

  3. Don't forget to add the new secret name for the man cave, and be sure to post NO FOOD SERVICE - self serve only. Bahahahahahahahah More on that to come :-)

  4. Does the glue not stick onto the wall??? This is a brilliant idea..I was wanting to change my chalkboard in my entryway tomorrow and I think this would be a fabulous idea to try on it! THANK YOU!!!!