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Ya'll, I'm so so sorry it's been like 52 years since I have given you anything hair related on here. I'm a bad hairstylist to you all. Forgive me?!?! 

So, I recently added these super fun lil sets of elastic headbands to my shop. In case you are wondering you can order from toddler to mama size! :-)

 I wanted to show you all a super fun hairstyle that I like to call my "easy up." I feel like everyone thinks ponytails when they think elastic headbands so I wanted to show you a super quick and easy alternative that is at least 600x more stylish than a pony.

-So backcomb your hair….(if you need tips on backcombing please reference this vlog tutorial I did last year) 
-Get your hair all settled into place and literally just place the headband straight down on top of all your hair.
-Then gather all your hair like you would if you were going to put up in a ponytail.
-Flip it upside down
-And tuck all those ends into the headband!
-Seriously. That's it. Easy as pie.
I love to wear my elastics down on my forehead for more of a trendy boho touch (in the mirror you can see the profile of this hairstyle! SUPER CUTE!) If you are a bit more conservative you can totally just push your elastic back like normal too--->

An additional tip:
Try this with wet hair and obviously omit the backcombing step. If you can let your hair dry in this style and then take down you will have beautiful waves!!! 

Grab up a Chicken Scratch'd Designs headband set HERE! Use the offer code "easyup" for 10% off your total through Feb. 1!


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  1. Love this and your new bands! I'm going to have to check these out next Friday at our party! Got any fun ways to wear these with short hair like mine?

    1. Oh totally! There are def some fun alternatives for short hair too!

  2. So cute! I've tried this on my hair and I can't seem to pull it off, but you look super cute with it! And thanks for the link to your vlog on backcombing! I'm still trying to get the hang of it, so I'm excited to try it with your tips.

    1. Your hair might be a little too short is probably part of the issue. Try it wet. It will def be way easier wet!! Even use a light cream in your hair so that its more "moldable"

  3. This can spice up ny daily pony tail. Only problem is, mist bands slide down my hair, any tips for that?

    1. For me it sometimes has to do with elastic size…either too big will just slide off and too small will pop off! If you ever want some custom elastics for your head size request a custom order in my shop ;-)
      Additionally, sometimes I will use a bobby pin on each side behind my ear to hold the elastic in place!

  4. I love this hairstyle. So cute and easy, I am just going to have to try it. Thanks for the share