It's Okay to Drink Alone!

T-minus 6 days, ladies!!!! Sip Happens link up is almost here!! Which means your chance at having your post featured on Eva's, Erin's, and my blog is almost here..which means the giveaway is almost here!!! We hope you all have been having fun drinking some 14 Hands Hot to Trot…and for those of you who haven't had time to throw a party…well, we have a solution. Just go ahead and pour your self a glass of 14 Hands Hot to Trot and have your own lil personal party. We don't mind if it be a "pity party" or a "omgosh the kids are finally asleep party" or a "thank goodness this day is over party" or even better yet, "I just like to drink wine party" (those are my fave!!) Go ahead! Get a bottle. Drink some of it….or all of it. No judgment here :-)  Write a lil bloggity post and tell us what you think! Link it up!! Meet some other wine lovers! We don't care if you all you do is have a glass and polish your nails! Show us your polish and how cute your jammies are!! Or go ahead and throw on your boa and tiara and just celebrate how all around awesome you are.  Just link up and show us "sip happened" when you tried the 14 Hands Hot to Trot! If you are feeling extra spicy you can also get another bottle based one label to compare it to!
All I'm trying to say is have a glass of wine with us already!! Do you really need more reasons and encouragement to drink wine? If so, then I don't think we can be friends anymore. Just kidding….sort of ;-)

Oh yeah...don't forget to follow along and post your own Sip Happens photos to our IG feed using #siphappensparty


  1. I love the word bubble in your pic! hahhahaha

  2. Show us your polish and how cute your jammies are! Haha...but only if they're footie jammies!
    Eva Marie Taylor

  3. I like wine.....ALOT

  4. I liked that wine! Introducing Joel to it soon :)

  5. i fully engage in drinking alone- no shame!