I have very little to report in about today. We have been SICK SICK SICK. All of us. And then we got 20 thousand inches of snow. 

 Luckily I was on top of it and had all my new listings ready to go live before the holidays even hit so all I had to was actually publish my listings. Check out my new signature Chicken Scratch'd scarves!! Now available along with my new elastic headband sets (avail from toddler to adult!!) Be on the lookout this friday for a fun hairstyle based around my new elastic headbands!!!

And then the big Sip Happens Launch happened. Again, thank goodness I had worked ahead considering we were super sick all week. If you missed that post you can see it here!!!

 Saturday I finally had like a tiny burst of energy so I used it wisely on birthday party prep for miss Nugget. #bubbleguppiestheme

oh hello Dixie… I didn't see you laying there...

Being sick didn't slow this lil nugget girl down! After two days of me telling her "absolutely not" about going outside, I finally caved since her fever was gone and let her play for a bit while Tom shoveled.

Just shoveling away…. I think this was #2 of 4 for the whole week. I think our total right now is ringing in well over 12 inches…last I heard 10inches Sunday alone!

I did ZERO housework this last week (due to sicknesses) until the weekend and it nearly was the death of me. I can. not. handle. a messy dirty house. So glad to be catching up. Gotta get this place in shape for this coming weekends bday festivities!!!

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