Lots of life happened last week. Starting to get into the groove with Tom being in graduate school in the pm + homework, shoveling snow-as always here lately, I even had a fun lil night out at a Stella and Dot party with a few of my girls that might have involved ordering a new bag (my first new bag in 2 years people. I say it was well deserved!)...Tons of brother sister play time. They love each other more and more each day. The lil bird-man is loving all his homemade baby food from his Nana (mother hen)…and thanks to Nana I haven't even made any food myself yet! I play around and made what might be Nug's Easter dress…tossing around the idea of introducing a few of these in the shop too! Stay tuned…lets see if I have enough time to pull through on that idea! We finally had her and her cousins joint b-day shin-dig that had to be postponed due to my kids being sick earlier in the month…(a fun recap of that par-tay coming later this week!) We ended the week with a little home re-decorating and planning. We finally executed project 1/2 bath. New paint, new fixtures, and light. Hopefully soon all the other new plans will come to fruition for me to share! We have been here nearly 2 years now and have finally developed some really solid plans for a few spaces. (sometimes you just have to live somewhere long enough to know exactly what route you want to go….also sometimes you also have live somewhere long enough to have money saved back up to spend on projects! LOLOL)
To sum up it was a fabulously busy week. Hoping today begins a more relaxed slower paced week!!!

Oh yeah!! If you have a few free minutes check out my guest post over at one of my favorite blogs Hello Copeland , where I'm talking all about photographing my children as they grow!!


  1. I think your new bag is well deserved! I am the same way about bags, it's too big a hassle to change them out so I use it up until it's falling apart! Glad you were able to have the birthday party...looking forward to seeing your recap!
    Eva @ evamarietaylor.com

  2. Um I'm gonna need to see what this new bag looks like! I can't believe it's been 2yrs in that house, love that you live so close :)

  3. the dress is SO CUTE! I'm sure teh stella and dot bag is Fab! Did Tessi go with you?