1. It delights me to no end that Instachickens began following me on Instagram. I of course am following that awesomeness right back! #chicken

2. I make up words. I do. It's a fact. You can read more about that here and here. I would venture to say nearly 10% of the words I use are actually made up. One that has really stuck in the last 6 months is "skoash" …so naturally, it's time to share.


A unit of measuring wine. A skoash is equal to or less than a half glass.
Would you please pour me a skoash of wine?
Plural:  Let's drink a few skoashins.

3.This is what I do when blizzard like conditions take over the area. This is normal, right?


4. NEW beer drinking rule alert!!!! After being completely and utterly let down that at EXACTLY 10:31 am Chick-fil-a  told me I could no longer order the chicken mini's breakfast, I decided that if they say that is when breakfast ends, then that is when I can begin drinking beer.  Seems logical to me.
Anyone else loving these throwback cans???? Kinda obsessed over here.

5. This is an oldie but goodie…and way overdue to share. My friend Katie is as wonderfully random as I am and this is a lil somethin-somethin that she likes to perform for me and a few others. I'm so thrilled that she felt it right that I should share this on here. Thank you…x1000000000 Literally, I almost could throw up over how funny I think this is…
Let me just tell you about the first time I saw her performance of this lil treat.  
October 2011.
New York City.
Dry Bar hair appointments in Midtown 
Let me just tell you..those "streets will make you feel brand new" as Alicia Keys says all so well.. I've never felt so new in my life as when Katie "dropped it like it was hot" "right thurr" under the city lights on the sidewalk. 
It blew.me.away.
It's her special lil dance for her hubs.
I've never been so impressed with Katie. She is one of the most amazing, gifted, accomplished, educated hair designers I know.Yet, this will always be a trophy on the mantel of our friendship. 
Pure brilliance. 
If only I could come up with something equally as enticing for my husband. 
Behold, the seduction dance for Katie's husband called "Handle This."
(seriously, she recorded this just for you all….now I'm wishing I had the original version from NYC)

I don't know y'all...It just felt "right" to share. She and I just needed to put this out there in the world.

I leave you all now encouraging you to ask yourself one question: What would Katie do?


  1. Hahaha! Love this! Thanks
    Val! You are the kewpest kewpster there ever was:)

    1. HOW have I never shared this before??? It is truly one of the best things of my life! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. skoash is real word I use it therefore that makes it real
    also loving the throwback cans

    1. Oh then it FOR SURE real. If you and I both use it then its official. Boom.

  3. Instachickens!! That must be the highlight of your week! And those pictures out in the snow?! Perfectly normal. I wish I would've seen this in time to include in yesterday's post! Also, I am the queen of making up words. I knew we became friends for a reason. And so we can drink skoashes. See, now Amber and I both used it, so it should officially be in the dictionary now.

    1. I'm so happy to have you and Amber embracing my new word :-) It just means the world to me! ahhahahahahah

  4. You are just too fab! This instachickens are soo cute. You must feel so honored to have your own fans. LOL How cool is that. I can totally relate to you, I am constantly making up words too, My 2 year old now sounds like me and people hear us talk and want to correct us or they just look at us like we're cray cray. I love reading all your fabulous posts and your inventive and smarticle words. Please come over and visit me at www.meandmyminime.com

    1. Funny you comment here! I was JUST on your blog the other day! Ive been so swamped lately that I've fallen so far behind on all the blogs I follow! :-( Thank you for your compliments and for hanging out over here with me!

  5. Let's not forget scooch - just means make that quick turn and scooch on into the small parking spot., or scooch into the row at church where they clearly need to move over. Heck you can even scooch you grocery cart into a check out lane if you are realllllly good!