Sip Happens Party

I basically look for any excuse to host a party. I love a great night of chatting with my girlies and you know I love my wine. Don't you all too? Lucky for you Eva, Erin, and myself have you covered. Enter Sip Happens Party. 

 If you've been following along with our #siphappensparty on Instagram, you've seen these teasers: Sip Happens Party on Instagram and now it's finally time to reveal what this whole Sip Happens Party business is all about.

A Little Intro

So I  had a lil blogiversary and proclaimed I would be starting a new blog series where I would choose a wine based solely on its label design and then compare its taste to its marketing. Then Eva was all like "hey friend…lets have a party" and then she was like "wait sista…lets make it a link up too!" and then I was like "omgaaah girlfraaaaaand… that idea is like cray-cray amazing."  Alright…we don't really speak to each other like that but it went down like that in my head. So anyways, the original concept quickly turned into a joint venture and Sip Happens Party was born. Eva's wheels kept turning about this whole concept and proposed our link up idea to her blogging friend, Erin from Living in Yellow, and she was on board to be our very first guest host.

So here's the deal...



Open the Google Doc here to sign up to be a part of the Pay Pal Cash Giveaway.

Free party printables include invites, wine glass tags to use for name tags, and table tents for labeling your appetizers.

Download them here.

If you are like me and generally need food to stay alive then you totally need to check out the Detroit Duchess today who has joined us as an affiliate for the Sip Happens Party! She is a wine enthusiast and is helping you all out with some food pairings for our featured wine, 14 Hands Hot to Trot. Elizabeth has also generously donated a fabulous wine carrier or as she calls it her "wine purse" for our big giveaway!

Ok…You all have no excuse. We gave you a reason to have a girls wine night. We gave you the printables to help throw the party. We gave you food ideas. Have your own Sip Happens Party already!!! Be sure to show us sneak peeks of your awesomeness along the way on IG using #siphappensparty and get an amazeballs post ready to link up on Feb 3! 


  1. Oh my word...I love how our "conversation" played out in your head!! And when do the wheels ever stop turning in my head? Thanks for letting me hijack your original awesome idea and join my crazy train of always taking things to the next level! It's been fun to work on this with you! Xo!

    1. bahahaha I thought you might enjoy my version of how this all went down. So excited!! muah!

  2. Thanks for letting me be involved! I am really excited to host my party! I already looked up the store that carries 14 Hands Hot to Trot in my area and am going to stock up this weekend.

    1. no THANK YOU!!!! I can't wait to see your party post! I know it will be amazing!