Snow Day! | Mom & Pop Photo

It's only January 14th and we have officially had 18.1 inches of snow so far. There have been a few snowmen already, snow angels, many trips out with the shovel (poor Tom), and lots of  4 wheel drive. As any parent knows playing in the snow is one of the most fun things to watch your kids do. It brings kiddos pure joy. Something about it is seriously the best thing ever. By the way…how do kids never seem to get cold? Im FREEZING!!!!! But, being the camera happy person I am I had to capture a little bit of this joy.

As I mentioned before I am working with Mom & Pop Photography to expand my photography skills and documenting it all for you guys along the way! I used this snow as a learning opportunity through their online student support classroom called "The Lab." If you have ever seen snow in real life then you know its INSANELY bright. Like blinding!! So being the obnoxiously excited person that I am I jumped well beyond where I am in the course and posted some questions about snow photography in The Lab. I got amazing advice and guidance!! Ways to avoid the blinding sparkle of the snow and how to even out the color so its not so "blue." Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite shots. (I wish I could have actually practiced more with my camera outside but temps were well into the negatives last week so I had to limit my and my daughters time outside for obvious reasons!)

What kid isn't this excited when Mama says "throw snowballs at me!!" ???  #bestdayofherlife

I'm one of those annoying people who actually LOVES winter but after all this snow and readiness to practice photography in the green, I'm officially ready for Spring!!

**These are all my photos and my work thanks to Mom and Pop Photo School and having me be a part of their affiliate program.**


  1. She looks like rainbow bright I LOOOOOOOVE it :)

  2. Stella LOVED being out in te snow. We definitely waited until last Thirsday when it was 40 degrees warmer than the day before! I kept telling her I was getting cold, and of course she'd say, "I'm not cold, mommy!" And apparently that's all that matters in the mind of a toddler is themselves! :)

  3. She looks like one VERY happy little lady! xx

  4. She is so stinkin' cute! Priceless photos :)