Drinking Wine: An Anthem & Algorithm + April Sip Happens Party Date!

Almost as much as I love to drink wine, I love these e-cards. I feel like someone out there is writing these, inspired by yours truly. But really, I feel less like theses are just cards…just writing... These are laws. They are an anthem to anyone who loves wine. 
ok but honestly…my friend Kelly and I totally made that one up a long time ago. So clearly, someone overheard us and then stole our saying and made this card. This is totally possible. Who knows who overheard our conversation 5 + years ago…We were standing at the computers booking appointments and entering color formulas at the salon when we had this deep, meaningful, passionate, heart to heart convo on how hard it was to drink wine in the shower. The salon was buzzing with people so there is no telling who was listening and was all like…. "when this Pinterest e-card trend comes along five years from now….I'm totally stealing this and gonna act like I'm the mastermind behind this theory." But, I'm one step ahead of that thief! I've taken it upon myself to go ahead and give you all the emoji algorithm for this "law" of wine drinking. Of course I immediately shared with none other than the fabulous Kelly, the co-creator of this theory.

For the rest of these…Well, I don't claim to have come up with, but I do imagine a drum-line + marching band with fighter jets flying over as I read these and exclaim my passion for wine.


And now….Some Sip Happens Party news!!

It's that time again...time to make some sip happen.
If you're new around these parts or somehow missed out on the shenanigans known as Sip Happens Party, let us fill you in.
Several months ago, I had a blogiversary and announced I would be starting a new blog series where I would choose a wine based solely on its label design and then compare its taste to its marketing. Then Eva from Eva Marie Taylor came along and begged to get involved in my awesome sauce idea. The original concept quickly turned into a joint venture and Sip Happens Party was born. Who doesn't love a reason to drink wine with some girl friends?! To make it even more fun, we decided to invite a new guest host each time around to hop on board their crazy train, and the humorous Kate from Another Clean Slate accepted the honors for the second Sip Happens Party link up. Are you intrigued, yet? Good. Here are the details you need to know:
If you don't think you can host a party but still want to participate...check out THIS POST.
Free party printables include invites, wine glass tags to use for name tags, and table tents for labeling your appetizers.

Download them here.

Now stop what you’re doing and hit up your girls with this fabulous idea and we’ll see ya on #siphappensparty on IG and again on April 14th for the link up!


  1. Yep, I totally think someone overheard you and Kelly and stole your quote, just like everyone copied my high school ombré hair! How rude of people to not give credit where credit it's due! ;) seriously love these e-cards...especially the winovore one and the fruit salad/wine is for dinner one!!
    Eva Marie

    1. the fruit salad for dinner makes me laugh out loud every time i read it. its the funniest thing of my entire life. lol

  2. e-cards are everything to me

  3. this post made me contemplate skipping yoga to go home and drink some vino. Good thing the Bachelor is on tonight! Wine + the bachelor = happy girl!

  4. This post....I die! hahaha...we totally invented that and unless there are 2 ppl out there that are exactly like us...theres no way that they didn't steal it from us! Can't wait for the next Sip Happens!!!! How can I become a co-host to a future party?

    1. We seriously had to be the original creators of this theory. lol
      Ill talk to you on friday about how we choose co-hosts!

  5. Oh yeah... love this! I also love my wine! thanks for the laughs! Tammy @wildruffle.com