Girls... Come Home!!!

 Just a lil "chicken" story from Mother Hen today. Seems as though that mothering instincts and worry don't stop once your marry your children off….It just continues to build the older we get. Now Mother Hen has all our pets to worry about too. :-)

Unless you live in the Deep South or maybe Hawaii, or South America you by now understand the word COLD.  This word may just be at the top of four letter bad words by now in our area.  I am talking freeze your eyeballs cold.  I am the first to admit I loathe the summer heat and humidity. I have been running HOT year round for the past few years so when I say I haven’t broken a sweat lets you know what the average body is going through.  I have actually even worn a sweater once or twice.  Keep my feet and hands warm and I am good to go. 
So when the text came from Fancy Chicken late one evening I knew this was serious business. 
As with any severe weather situation precautions are always issued. With the severe cold temperatures come people improperly using space heaters leading to fires, frostbite, frozen water lines, dead car batteries.  Also in the mix of all of this is our animal family members.  Throw on the winter blanket for the horses, electric water heaters for their water tanks, extra grain and hay, extra bedding, block off the winds.  Keep the dogs feet clean and free from salt on sidewalks, shovel snow so they can find ‘a spot’ can’t be picky about the ‘special’ spot in this weather, fill up the bird feeders.
Your now thinking what was so serious???  What started as a funny suggestion to Fancy Chicken from a cardiologist from work has become quite the lark.  It was suggested he would front the money for buying the chickens if she would keep them and give him fresh eggs. Fancy tried stalling on this matter even using the birth of her own chick one year ago, along with no extra time or chicken coop for baby chicks he continued to persist.   Having grown up myself with 100+ little peeps each spring I knew what that involved.  I made a few phone calls and found a family with mature young hens already laying and was able to buy four hens.  The four girls were now at their new home with Fancy Chicken.  They didn’t take long to feel like they were property owners with duties.  At any sound from near the house they came running from the barn to check. Decided lounging on the front porch was as good for them as the people inside. Vegetables in the garden, sure why not don’t mind if I do help myself.  Every home remedy to shooooo them back to the barn, including sailing a broom at them, failed.  Tease the dog inside fence, a must do!  So the fierce four have been busy cleaning up all the insects from the yard, garden, landscape mulch, across the street, and down in the woods.  Just three weeks ago I stepped in the house to bring in bags but yet needing to make another trip to car for baby boy, so the back door was not shut completely tight, with the aid of strong wings it blew open. Oh, open door don’t mind if I do go in and check out the place.  Good grief what the hell. . . .A chicken in the kitchen.  Sorry I don’t have this scene on video for you, use your imagination. Me chasing a chicken which keeps skidding on the slick floor. Please, please, please don’t poop all over the place.  I caught her just by a handful of feathers on her back long enough to get both hands around her. OUT you go naughty girl.
 Just FYI as the winter daylight hours get shorter, hens may quit laying eggs.  So to help the girls out a light bulb set on a timer was put inside the enclosed roost, as well as add a little warmth.  The girls have found they like to roost on the gate at Banjo’s stall, (a male miniature donkey) in the evenings.  When it is time for them to get into their wire hutch to roost, (closed up at night for some security from predators) they now like to exhibit their attitude of ‘of course I’m family’ and want to be carried to bed!  I am not kidding.
 Like any parent when you can’t locate kids you begin to worry.  Well after nightfall and out in the flipping COLD those naughty girls weren’t home in the barn.  I had seen them down the road along the woods the day before but couldn’t remember seeing them any the day of their adventures.  After a cold search with a flashlight along the road and woods nothing found.  That was actually bad news, but also good news – nothing found.  So where were they?  Does a chicken have the same ability to hide/protect themselves and eventually return to home as dogs?  So the text about the girls being out in the cold now had me going to bed thinking about them.  Again first thing in the morning.  Really. . . . .these are chickens.

 Mid-morning Fancy Chicken heard a familiar sound out on the porch clucking - I’m home and hungry. They eventually all made it home and have been happy to stay close to the barn.  Wonder what lesson they learned?????? All night parties just aren’t cracked up to what they say.   

-Mother Hen

And just for fun…In case its never been mentioned, you should know that my Nugget girl LOOOOOVES her godmother's chickens!!! 

Nugs and her cousin enjoying a day with the chickens last year:

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  1. ahhh mommy…so sorry you have to worry about our "pets" now too. lol