Goals, Photography & Baby Food.

YAY! I'm back with my monthly goals today!! I took the opportunity in Jan. to explain to you all my 2014 goal of growth through photography and today I'm so happy to be back with my monthly goals for February!!! Since I know you are all dying inside to know... here they are:
Like I have explained before, I don't actually care that  you all know what I'm working on personally as much as putting this "out there" makes me feel like I have to take my goals more seriously. I feel a sense of accountability to follow through. I get distracted like everyone else but I always set them with real intention! So heres to my five goals for Feb!! Wish me luck!! #1 and #5 are going to be tough but I'm excited for the challenge!!

A little photography practice happened this last week. Not perfect but I'm working on simple skills each time that hopefully, eventually, I can learn to use all at once and see serious results through my photos…

These random photos came about by my doing a little lighting exploration in the house (I'm DYING to get outdoors for photography practice but this snow just keeps piling up around here!!!)  so I'm resorting to find new spots in house to work and what angles I can get the best light…yada yada yada… (all of this is obviously spurred by my homework/practice lessons that are encouraged through my Mom and Pop Photography 101 Course)


 Suddenly as I was taking advantage of her & my dude's independent play time, she wanted to do an impromptu photo shoot?!?! Um. Sure. Ok! Since when did you WANT your photo taken? I took her up on the opportunity though and got some really cute candid photos of her just playing and running around. It somehow ended up in a "photo race" where she would run circle through the house and I would yell "freeze" and she would stop and smile just long enough for me to snap a shot! (I ended up with far more "bad" photos then good ones because she wouldn't hold still long enough…) but it ended up being super fun for both her and me! She was actually sad when we had to stop…but Mom duty was calling and dinner had to be made ;-)

...And then there was a planned photo shoot…a seven month one…. *tears*
Can you believe I had NEVER done a naked photo shoot of EITHER one of my babies until this month? Now, I'm regretting not doing with Nugget girl SO BAD!! :-(
(he was a good boy and didn't piddle at all on my floors. lol)

He does NOT hold still anymore. Gosh, is he wiggly….

Not only is he wiggly…he is a HUNGRY boy!!!!!!

My lil Johnny Cash lover has almost eaten up all his Nana's hard work so it was time to restock...

I was finally starting to run low on all the food Mother Hen had made and while making it I got to thinking about two different conversations I've had with a couple friends recently in regards to why I make my baby food. I am not a health nut. Far from it.  So it is not for that reason...But I do always look for ways to save a buck! Before I go any further let me say we DO buy some baby food especially for those times when we are on the go etc.  I have absolutely nothing agains store bought food. But when home we try to give only home made. When I decided to include in this in todays post I sat down and did a little math. After doing so and confirming what I already knew I'm totally blow away at the cost savings and even more so that more people aren't doing this. Not to mention its super crazy easy and really not that time consuming at all!!!

When I make baby food it goes down like this:

I usually get 4 pots going at once on the stove. Empty can food into pots. I usually do two cans per. (low sodium or no salt added of course) Pictured above is carrots and green beans. I generally cover and let them simmer for 20 min or more to get those veggies really really soft, tender, and cooked all the way through. No need for these over priced "baby bullet" or baby food making kits. (Sorry if you have one and love it…I just personally think it's a waste of money) Just bust out your regular blender people! Blend it all up and then simply pour into ice cube trays! Freeze over night. Pop out the cubes and store in ziplock bags. There is absolutely no need for these fancy schmancy baby food making kits they sell. Generally about two cubes equals one container of bought food. So the part I was really excited to share is the MATH:

($8.64 for an 8 pack)

($0.98 for one can)


2 cans of food fills one ice cube tray = 14 cubes = 7servings for a total of $1.96
this breaks down to 28 cents a serving

$8.64 for an 8 pack = 16 individual containers = 54 cents a serving


Now I'm really gonna geek out over this even further….

End of the story is that store bought is almost double the cost! Buy making homemade we save aprox. $23.00 a month. Thats a case of diapers people!! I'll take it!

**Obviously not all babies eat the same quantities so these are all just conservative averages.**

At the end of the day, I have no judgment on what anyone feeds their babies but I know I love to see facts and helpful hints on easy ways to cut costs around these parts so I wanted to share with you all too! 

Just a little "food for thought"...


  1. I love all the goals! Especially morning dates with Tom and you know how much I love snail mail :) Wish you would've been around with your baby food tips about 4yrs ago lol.

    1. We got up and had coffee last friday early and it was amazing! I hope this new tradition sticks!!

  2. great post val! i love all your goals…especially #1! and Jay is…..crazy awesome!

  3. So much goodness going on in this post! Love your goal about the date morning! Such a great idea! And I do believe it goes without saying that the kiddo pics are adorable! Great job!