Sip Happens Party Recap + Link Up

Hi...Hello…Welcome! So happy to have you here partying along with us for our FIRST Sip Happens Party!!!!! Woot!!! But before we get into all the link up goodies, lets do a lil recap of the shenanigans from Eva & I's actual real life Sip Happens Party!! 
So here is our lil crew. Our lil blogger tribe. (AmberEliseEva, myself, AmandaKelly, & Aleks) Our party was nothing short of an amazing night - bonding over some good vino!
See that wine in our glasses?? Thats the 14 Hands Hot to Trot…I think we all unaniomously enjoyed the h-e-double hockey sticks out of it. It was really smooth with a great flavor. Not too dry. Just right if you ask me. 

14 Hands Vineyards graciously sponsored our first official party and provided plenty of wine to keep our glasses full. I mean look at this beautiful sight:

Is your mouth watering for a glass of the Hot to Trot yet??? :-)
We put the Hot to Trot up against The Show. How could I resist buying that wine when it too had a horse on the label??!?! :-)
I personally love a good Malbec, which is what The Show was, but I honestly have to say I think the Hot to Trot was the winner all the way around..especially for this type of event. The label for 14 Hands Hot to Trot was more traditional and classic. I think the flavor reflected that. A quality wine with great reputation. The Show was clearly a more graphic contemporary wine label. The label is bold and so is the wine. To me the label matched my expectations for that wine as well. 
I bought standard size the world's largest wine glasses for the event on clearance at Pier 1! SCORE! They originally were $12.00 a glass but I got them for $2.98 a glass!! That is what I call a deal, ya'll!
Additionally, I'm going to go ahead and brag about the fact that FREEHANDED that little horse number on my chalkboard! I know, you all are thinking about how I just gave away my "cheat" on how to do chalkboards in the other weeks DIY post, but this time I PROMISE I really did free hand that stud.
How cute were these favors from The Browsing Brunette? She did a home hand scrub for all of us! Check out her write up for Sip Happens today to get the deets!
All the girls brought a dish to snack on for the evening. We had a delicious spread.
We laughed, talked, and laughed some more. The evening was so. much. fun. There were "would you rather questions", a mini senior photo style photo shoot, social media chit-chat. Just because I can't resist I feel the need to share my two favorite quotes of the night:

"My feet get claustrophobic" - Eva  (part of her response to a would you rather question)

"I should go ahead and show you my privates" - Kelly ( in regards to her Instagram being set to "private")

All righty then…
I think I'll just leave you all on that note. lol!

Now lets link this shizzz up!!!! 


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  1. Haha, your standard sized wine glasses! I love that you included some of the quotes from the night!

    1. those wine glasses….hahahhaha Thanks for embarking on this crazy adventure with me! So much fun!! ;-)

  2. That was SUCH a fun night! Thank you so much for the invite and for organizing this :)

  3. LOVE that you included quotes from the party! HA! It was a great time! Thanks for inviting me to share delicious wine! Yum!

  4. Valerie..seriously thank you for opening your beautiful home to us...and for wearing those palazzo pants....i can't take my eyes off of them....Thank you for including my "privates" quote...it was clever & filthy! hahaha....

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