Stopping to Smell the Roses. #happy

I had chosen back in January to make the word "happy" my word for the year. This is my first year ever choosing a word to live by for the year and this felt like the obvious choice for me.  The word "happy" is important to me because I think - and always have- happiness is a choice. (for the most part…obviously unfortunate things happen and EVERYONE will go through periods of unhappiness) All I'm trying to say is I LOVE to just stop and the smell the roses…even when they are wilting and a tad thorny.  So today I just felt compelled to share some of what is making me happy right now.

-My unbelievably busy husband who has maintained incredible balance lately with work, graduate school, being a husband, father, and saying yes to nearly every project I throw his way.
It's all about that "power hour" planning right, babe? errrrr…except I can't really get that skill mastered. dang it. He keeps trying to coach me but I'm just too flighty. lol

-My healthy, growing, happy kids. While yes, they can drive me CrAzZzZZzzYY, they are rays of sunshine and make me smile endlessly every single day.

- The super thoughtful crafts that my niece and nephew make for myself and the kids. They never visit or have us visit empty handed. They think of us always and are constantly creating something they hope we will treasure. And trust me, I do. (each photo above shows one of the kids recent gifts and below was a necklace my godson made for me. He knows that myself and his mom make our rosebud necklaces for the Etsy shop and he created his own special one just for me. I mean seriously… my heart melted right onto the floor.

- Seeing my friends move forward in their lives. My friend Amber has felt the calling to take a mission trip this coming summer. I'm so proud and excited for her and this journey of growing her faith. She blogged all about it HERE.

- Super long story short. My friend Kelly has a client from the salon (where I used to work) that also has a blog. Jessica is an interior designer and also has lil shoppity shop called Refurbish and Refinish. Through Kelly we found each other and she actually asked me to do a little wholesale gig for her booth at Upscale Junk and Antiques! Before I go any further let me just say that I have my etsy shop 100% as a hobby. I am in no way trying to "make it" in this bidness. I do this for joy, for maintaing a sense of self. A creative outlet. But I would be lying if I didn't admit it was super exciting to think that my items would be sitting out at a real place where people shop. It just makes me smile :-) Not to mention just the joy found in connecting with someone new.

-Lastly, I'm acknowledging Brittany. Again, someone I met through this whole blog world who created this piece for me. If you ever scroll all the way to the bottom of my blog you know that my footer says "live vibrantly. not perfectly." That is truly my stance on this life. I want to look back with my 90 and know that I rocked it out. I want endless "vibrant" memories. I knew as soon as we "met" that I needed one of her bstamped bracelets .


  1. Did Brittany send that to you without you telling her to stamp that specifically? So sweet...Love that bracelet! Congrats on your stuff being in a store! There really is something exciting about that!!
    Eva Marie

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I am so excited to see all of the stuff and get it in my shop this weekend! I am sure everyone will love it as much as I do!

    1. Thanks again for this opportunity! I really hope to make it out for this Saturday's grand re-opening!

  3. So sweet to mention me but I'm also super proud of you! xoxo

  4. Just found your blog, how sweet!!! Such a darling family! :)


  5. I got you the hook up yo! haha...how cool is it that it will be in a real life store!---like dolly parton said in "steel magnolias"--"I'm a chain!!!"...:) well in this case..YOU are a chain..kinda a chain..oh u know what I mean!

  6. P.S. ur babies are beautiful...but u know I'm ob.sessed