Goals, A List, & 8 Months

March is here. So it's spring, right???? I'm going to pretend it is. The next few weeks I'll wear my boots for the last times (except wellies which are basically always in season), I plan on getting outside more…picking out some new patio furniture, getting our garden plans in order… Either way, I'm happy March is here. February is the shortest but longest month in my mind. It's always the hardest month of the year. I start getting desperate to get outside and for warmer weather. I have to try extra hard through Feb. to keep things spicy so I don't go totally ape shit. I sorta killed it this past February, if I do say so myself. I hit nearly all my goals with a few minor exceptions. I do have to say I was thankful for a snowy february that allowed me TONS of time to focus on photography and studying. The only thing I 100% failed at was getting a new houseplant…BUT my plans for that have changed a bit. Anyways…you all don't care about this rambled mess I'm typing so lets just move on, shall we?
***A happy REVISION since I wrote this yesterday! We got off lucky with only a few inches of snow…the whole 10 deal never happened)

And because I love keeping it random on here... I give to you:
 List # 18

1. Dust covers on books drive me craaazzzzzy. I always throw them away before I even open the book.

2. Green Tea K-Cups are my new crack. Every afternoon.

3. Dear Bloglovin,
 I DO NOT want your suggestions of who else to follow based on my most recent followings. I can't even keep up with the ones I already follow. Please stop shoving this down my throat.

4. I have decided to add polka dots to my favorite colors list. (If you are new here, then you have missed my explanation a long time ago that I consider "prints" as colors…This is my game so I make up the rules.)
My favorite colors now goes like this: Purple, Sparkles, Animal Prints, Polka Dots

5. Nothing makes me more angry then when I realize I bought the paper towels that have the half sheet option. I don't EVER want that option. I need a whole sheet or two for nearly everything I use paper towels for. Half sheet simply isn't enough. And then when I go to get a full sheet the stupid thing tears in the middle and then Im stuck with two half sheets that simply don't equal one full sheet. They just don't. I know they say you can't argue with math, but I am.

6.  It's pure delight to see a freshly organized space. So much a delight that when my sister n law just added these fab dry erase frames to her desk and sent me a photo I knew I had to share. I'm in a euphoric state over them.  #gold #obsession

7. I just really don't care about grammar. I'm really sorry to those of your who read and cringe at my crazy writing "style"…. But I'll never change. It's just who I am.

And now, to wrap up today, here is a lil 8 Month old model baby.

WARNING:  You are about to witness the biggest cuteness overload to happen in this world in all time ever.

Ready, Set, Go!

8 months--Time to start thinking b-day party (ok, ok..I have been for months already…) Here are some faves from this months shoot:

We always end each shoot by asking Nugget if she wants to take photos too. Sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't, but we want her to feel included each month. Plus I LOVE when I get  some cutie pics of the babes together!!

He pulled him self up on the coffee table to his feet yesterday for the first time. He is rocking on all fours…so I'm sure we are just a hot minute away from crawling. YIKES! Life is about to change!!! In the meantime he is rolling literally from room to room.

Happy new week and new month to you all! Let's make March fab!


  1. You know how much I love the Jay pics!! I am also horrible at grammar and spelling but whatevs I figure people get the gist

    1. lol…great minds think alike…errr….or we just have equally bad grammar!

  2. I definitely need to get some Green Tea k-cups! That sounds perfect for a non-coffee drinker.

    1. they are divine! I promise you will love them :-)

  3. I am also a huge fan of green tea cups - and polka dots - and I toss all of the kids' dust covers, ha! :D Grammar is not my strong suit but I persevere on because I work for an Army newspaper and my editor would skin me alive if I thumbed my nose at it (as much as I wish I could!). Happy Tuesday!

  4. Your little guys is adorable! Your list made me crack up! I'm convinced you're my long list sister. But I do love the half-sheet paper towels. Sometimes you just need a little!