Life | Long Overdue

In all honesty, I've dropped my weekly life posts because these were my most time consuming post each week to put together. As much as for myself I hate that I'm not documenting each week, I needed to cut that writing/blogging time out of my life. My new goal is just to do more of a general life post every so often like this one! So here are some snippets of what life has been like over the last 4 weeks or so!
 -Nuggs loves to occasionally give her bubs his bottles now. Sorta the cutest thing of my life.
- Just wanted to throw a behind the scenes pic in from the dreadful backsplash install…lol
- I have some new business cards with a small tweak to my branding with the addition of the gold chicken. I'm head over heels!
-Morning snuggles. Everyday. I love our current morning routine of coffee in bed with my babies and cartoons. I know that someday this won't exist as we will be rushing off to school etc. I'm soaking in every single second.
-Project Kitchen update is nearly complete for this phase but I do have ideas about a new fixture to go above our new kitchen table but can't quite find exactly the right light.
-Ridiculous brother sister games seem to be happening more and more. He was her baby and she was VERY frustrated that he didn't fit in her baby cradle….. 
-Dreaming of spring with some prelim garden planning. My mouth literally waters at the thought of garden fresh tomatoes again this year. (My dad just told me yesterday he ordered me some okra to grow!! Did you know okra is my favorite vegetable?? True story.)
-Yep, he really is that old. My lil dude is "crawling"….of sorts. It's not the prettiest more graceful crawl yet..but let's just say he can get himself room to room. Time for gates.
-Also time for baby proofing cabinets and such.
-The lil chicky has HAD IT with winter. She doesn't give a flip what the temps are she wants to go out.  I on the other hand don't feel the same way. The dude and I sometimes have to just hang out and watch from inside.
-He is officially a big boy. He got promoted to the front spot on the cart and Nuggs gets the back/walking.
-While most of my playdates are mostly focused on Nugget girl I have been so lucky to have reconnected with an old high school friend who has a son just 3 weeks younger than my lil guy. So naturally they will be best friends.
 - My guy has really ramped his baby food consumption so I have been busy making and freezing lately.
-I said it once and I'll say it again. Green Tea KCups are my crack in the afternoon. I'm loving some hot afternoon tea. And I always drink it from my "spicy chicken" mug that my bestie made me for my bday.
-New carseats! No more pumpkin seat. I can't carry that chunk around in that thing anymore. Of course trying them out inside was like all they wanted to do for a whole day. #whatevermakesthemhappy
-The weather has lifted some (minus this current snow stupidity called for today) We have been outside more days of the week then not. I've been trying to take them out on a walk almost everyday.
-Um…how cute are these head wraps??? I couldn't resist mama and me head wraps from my friend Kelly who just launched her Etsy shop! P.S. let's just take a moment to eat up that gorgeous silly face of Nugget's.

So that's that, y'all!! Life has been busy with projects, family, and friends…and I plan on it continuing in just that way! But you should know... things are gonna be quiet for a week or so on here. Taking a much needed little life break. But I have some great stuff coming soon is some new products for the shop, a hair/fashion photoshoot, a giveaway!!!, more clothes, DIY…and of course sarcasm.



  1. Love the shoutout Val! Nae is a dream!

    1. Thanks Kelly!! She is a dream isn't she! lol….except for when she tells me she is gonna either spank me or put me in timeout….dang!!!! seeing myself in a 3 year old is hard to deal with! hahhaah

  2. your babes are so cute!! I love this post and I like that you're giving us 4 weeks now! :)

    1. Thanks Shadia!!! This time table for these post is WAY more manageable for my current busy life! lol

  3. You and Nugget...models! :) I seriously need one of Kelly's turbans, asap! I also need some of your aztec bands. My birthday is coming up so I need to get on Chris for these things!! Excited to see what you have in the works!
    Eva Marie Taylor