Nugget & Dude Style + Goals

I don't think it's a secret that I love shopping. I love shopping for my home, myself, my hubs, my kids, my family, my friends, my dog….I just really love shopping. I share my home and person style on here quite a bit but not as much my kids. It's evident through my own style and even my blog design that I'm not really hopping on bandwagon with the minimalistic, clean lines, neutrals colors that are so trendy for home, blog, and even clothing. We like color, we like prints, we like FUN in this house! I like to dress my lil guy like a total dude who is already basically already a professional athlete. (in my eyes ;-)  And for Nuggs, I dress her like I wish I could dress. Totally crazy, fun, and comfy. They are only kids once so I believe in not making life too serious for them. That means their clothes too!! I basically like clothes and accessories that make me giggle when I look at kids. So without further ado, here are my style boards that I'm making my favorite purchases off of for this upcoming warm weather season!

Little Dude Style.

Nugget Girl

OshKosh Originals Graphic Tee / Jill Big Ruffles / Mary Jane Jelly Sandals for Baby | Old Navy / TLC Tunic in Neon Print | OshKosh B'gosh / Glitter Heart Sunglasses | Carter's / French Terry Shorts | Carter's

March was a amazing month. I was really successful with all goals EXCEPT finish a book :-( I have really high expectations of finishing my book this month. I just don't sit still very well to read. Must. Calm. Down. LOL
Ready for April though... Bring on Spring!


  1. Scrabble date night sounds fun. Chris and I used to have puzzle date nights but haven't done that since before Stella was born! I love the cute clothes for your kiddos you picked out. Shopping for girls is just so much fun, but I hope to one day pick out cute clothes for a boy!

  2. Im sort of obsessed with those "Matilda Jane" style bell bottom pants for lil girls...I feel like you should make some..and do the top in a different print then the "bell" part. I totally would if I had a tiny girl to dress...I guess I could always make Madeleine some of those pants.....hmmmm.. *wheels turning*

  3. oh and Jay Bird needs that "Chicks Dig Me" onesie!