Things About Wine...

I have so much to say about wine. Pretty sure this is not a surprise to you all. I just gonna go ahead and dazzle you all with a few short lists about wine.

-in no particular order-

1. I don't like sweet drinks…which, drum roll please….means I generally only like to drink red wine. I love how tart it is. A good glass of red just never sounds bad. Well, maybe at like 8 am it doesn't sound the best but basically anytime, any place, with anyone it sounds, AND IS, divine.

2. It just pairs so well with a movie. I'm a sucker for a big ole glass with a chick flick. (My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Clueless…did you know that???)

3. I love a summer night out on the patio with the hubs and his scotch and my glass of red. The breezy warm air and generally light convo is something I always associate with a summer glass of wine.

4. It's good for my heart.

5. It's just "fancy"…ya know?

If you are a wine drinker then you will appreciate this list. I don't own a couple of these types of glasses…yet. But I will. They are just necessary if you take your wine as seriously as I do.

...These are my favorite. They are a bit delicate but they are so contemporary and stylish.

... And this style is sexy with a capital "S"….Perfect for a romantic evening of wine.

... I don't think I really need to explain why this is needed, do I?

 …Outside, Inside…Let's face it. These are brilliant. Especially for someone like me who has a chronic problem with spilling drinks. It's minimizes my chances of spilling wine by at least 50%. Plus, who isn't a sucker for chalkboard name plates these days?
..UM…..YES.  I mean this is the most perfect pool/grill out glass ever. Hell..even just for fun anytime. 

We have discovered that the official "Goats Do Roam" wine is difficult to locate in certain areas. If you are also running into this issue then please select another "animal themed" wine as your main wine. If you haven't partied yet, you still have PLENTY of time!!!!! April 14th is the link up date so you still have a few weeks!! Also, in case you are new around here and don't have time to have a party…go ahead and spend and evening relaxing by yourself trying the Goats Do Roam or another animal themed wine! Write all about it and you, too, can still link up! We have no judgments about if you drink alone. In fact, I encourage it. ;-) 
Just whatever you do..drink some wine. Instagram it using #siphappensparty, Tweet it, Shout it from a mountain top…and then Write a post and LINK IT UP!!! We wanna know what all sip happened.
Happy Sipping…or guzzling…or ya know, whatever.

Boom. I'm out.


  1. I didn't include it on my post but have you seen the huge wine glasses Kathoe Lee and Hoda had on their show?! I know they weren't THAT big but it reminds me of the ones you got from Pier 1! Haha! I need to try some of your favorite wines. I like Cupcake Red Velvet but haven't tried the others.

  2. Mark West is the best! And my guy loves Scotch too so your night on the patio with wine and scotch sounds ideal!

  3. Is it bad that my favorite wine is all of them? I don't think I've met a wine that I haven't liked! :)

    Thanks for the Sip Happens update! Excited to host another party!

  4. Cant wait for Sip to Happen again! I really only like dry white wine....not anything sweet! But, you know me..I'll try anything:)