What I Wore: Mixing Winter & Spring

Is it winter... is it spring??? What is going on with March?? March means "spring" in my head but the snow on the ground makes me think I might the wrong on my assumption that spring is near. All I know is I'm itching to wear my spring clothes yet also in realization that boot season is on its way out…which makes a me smidge sad...So I'm sorta just starting to mix it all up. I'm hurrying up to wear some of my favorite winter items that I had yet to sport this season but starting to mix in some new spring pieces too. --
This heavy satin pleated skirt is one of my favorite pieces for the (warmer) winter months but we have had so much snow & crazy cold temps that I hadn't gotten the opportunity to wear it yet. Yeah…I realize there is snow on the ground in these photos too. I suddenly realized I was running out of "winter" to wear this so I just went for it…cold, snow, wind, & all! I bought this skirt 2 years ago from a super fun boutique I always shop at when I'm in NYC and it's just one of those pieces that I feel like I will never get rid of. I love it. I can't explain it. (maybe it makes me feel like a cheerleader again?? I don't know…) And then of course there are the boots…like I said above, just getting in a few last wears before its time for flip flops! But to lighten it all up and keep the look on par with the fact that it's March and SHOULD BE the beginning of spring I paired it all with my brand new sheer baroque blouse   from Dottie Couture. (baroque/brocade is one of my fav. prints in the whole wide world…but I think you already know that since this is not my first time sporting that print)   The lightweight/sheer material was a nice change up from sweaters, scarves, with more sweaters and scarves on top that I have found a necessity this arctic winter. ;-) I was a tiny bit, ok a lot of bit, cold…but no one ever said fashion is comfort. Except for me, when I get on my leggings and yoga pants soap box and try to convince the whole world that they are indeed a great fashion statement. (I mean…really..they are!) Lets get back on track… I went for it. I wore it. YOLO.

Ok but for real…Next time, unless its 70 degrees or more, I'm wearing my new top with leggings….

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    1. I just need black lace shorts to pair with this top now!

  2. Cute look but seriously you didn't wear that longer than 10 minutes. I know you are cold when temp is 80 with wind blows.

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    1. Thanks. I was the coldest I have ever been in my entire life. lol