WHY??? - Mother Hen

I have found myself recently questioning some very simple yet puzzling aspects of life.
Take for example, why on earth would a company package different products in identical bottles?  Economics?? Maybe, but to the 50+ eyes without glasses hanging over the side of bathtub it is important to tell which product to use first!!! 

Why would a well-known appliance company market a product which allowed lent to accumulate in the circular fan area well out of and nearly impossible reach?  Yes, I have been accused of being a clean freak, (who vacuums out their clothes dryer vent area) but what I pulled out of the fan area disturbs me if for no other reason, safety!  The amount of actual lint caught in the lint screen is so minimal you would think all I ever dry were nylon panties.  Even Rooster King had to agree that was a terrible design and how impossible it is to clean.  No vacuum tool would ever fit in that area, again design issue, I had to use a flexible wooden dowel and a jigged piece of hose attached to vacuum to suck this yuck up.  Really did they pay some engineer for this???  Not testing it before putting out for consumer use???  Yes, I will be writing a letter to the manufacturer. 

When did major appliances become throw away?  While purchasing appliances for our home seven years ago I mentioned service and was told by the sales person anything over seven years isn’t worth repairing.  NOT in my world people.  Well true to the built in self-destruct timer another well-known, and different appliance company, has proven this.  Now Mother Hen loves to cook, but you know just two in the hen house means, ummm well let’s just eat cereal tonight or let’s eat out and get away with it.  Said appliance has not been worked hard as if in a household with heavy daily cooking for large family the past seven years.  I accepted the first time vent area cracked and sagged down.  Ordered replacement $60.00 and broke again in exact same place.  Two in seven years?   Must have used the same design engineer.  I have completely left said piece off and let everyone in the house over the recent holidays see and remember said company name.  Now it not only looks like a head on accident but has started to make a noise any untrained ear will tell you does not sound good.  For sure will not be replacing with same manufacturer.

Have I pointed out design flaws?  Oh goodness me, I guess you have to be 50+ to remember sinks with ‘over-flow’ holes near top of sink.  Why did they assume this is no longer needed?  Not one sink in the hen house has said hole.  Where do they think water is going when accidently left on while you step out of the room?  I will tell you---- all over the counter, into the base cabinet, on and thru the floor to the basement carpet!!!  Not once but twice has this happened at same sink.  Yes it was human error but so simple to avoid – overflow hole where water flows into the drain below closed sink stopper area.  When it becomes necessary to pull out of the closet ‘anything/everything’ that will absorb water to avoid floor damage and a wet/dry vac Mother Hen gets her feathers ruffled. 

and finally,

Why does a really good quiet play for a pre potty trained toddler usually involve a silent poop? 


  1. I know I'm turning into you, Mother Hen, when I read this and it sounds like something I would write. hahaha

  2. These are all excellent questions! And now you have me wondering them too!