A Bucket List | Things I Never Want To Do.

Lucky for you all, a karaoke scene in a show sparked this conversation between Tom and I….and then naturally, I felt the need to blog it. Your welcome.

1. Sing karaoke.
2. Try an oyster.
3. Go sky diving.
4. Own a van. (Totally not hating on all you with vans…I know they are sorta amazing with kids...I just really really don't want to drive one myself.)
5. Use a bathroom on an airplane. (Yes, that means I have never to this day had to use the restroom on a plane!)
6. Bun-jee jump
7. Pull an all-nighter. (This too, I have never actually had to do! Thank. The. Lord.)
8. Shoot a gun.
9. To never stop wearing leggings, yoga pants, animal prints, and sparkles..no matter how old I am or how out of style. Yep…I'm gonna be THAT old lady.
10. Mow our lawn.  I garden. I landscape. I rake leaves. I clean nearly every inch of this house every week but I DO NOT mow the lawn. End of story.

Like I said above… You welcome. You now know so much more valuable information about me.
What is something you never want to do??


  1. I feel like you just cursed yourself into doing all these things lol I said I would never own a van but we see how that turned out ;) I have also pulled an all nighter (a few times, I don't recommend it).

  2. There is absolutely NO WAY I will do most of these… now a few of them are completely beyond my control like the "all nighter" and going to the bathroom on an airplane..etc. Now bun jee jumping..I can't imagine why in the world I'd ever be forced into that…or karaoke. I will die if I ever have to sing karaoke.(This whole list started because of karaoke scene on Brothers and Sisters btw! hahahah)

  3. I never want to ride on a motorcycle ever again....get on top of my roof...own a bird (NO f-ing way)....tuft a chair again..EVER AGAIN...many more...i will update u on these as they come to me

  4. I've done ALL of these things....except bungee jump, skydive, and own a minivan. All of which I NEVER want do! And I'm not proud of it!! ;)

  5. Never say Never. . . .it automatically become a curse and then there you are doing those things. You are going to be such a mess of THAT old lady they will make a cartoon for your style and attitude. I find myself loving the attitude of Maxine!

  6. My life is a never ending series of all-nighters right now. My "no thank you bucket lists" includes going on a cruise, swimming with dolphins, and deep sea diving. I'm sensing I have a theme here....