Glamour Shots for my Dog

This is my pup Dixie. 

She is 6 years old. My "first born." When we got her I thought & hoped she would be really prissy like this: 

I wasted 15 minutes of my life and in dog years thats like nearly 2 hours of her life, taking these photos.

 She hated every last second of it.

 Nugget gave her a disgusting amount of treats though so she semi-tolerated this horrific event in her life.

I was going for a "glamour shots" theme doggie shoot. She looks so pretty…but I know this isn't the type of dog she is so just the sight of a bow in her hair makes me laugh hysterically.

 Dixie is more of this type of dog:

And now, I have wasted nearly 3 minutes of your time. 

Happy Thursday!!! It's almost the weekend :-)


  1. Shut up I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it

  2. Ah-mazing! This made my day. Love miss spunky Dixie!

  3. Dixie in here angelic glow...so fabulous and girly!..haha..she really just wants to roll over and have you rub her little tummy!

  4. bahaha! This is how I feel about my life! I try to wear all the "girly things" but I would much rather lay on the ground and devour some delicious treats without a care in the world.