May Goals + 10 Months of Babyhood

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April. Ummmmmmm I didn't accomplish much. Life happened. Some unexpected travel, unexpected sickness, unexpected project for Tom at work resulting in 50+ hours of work (on top of him taking his graduate class) through most of April… Yeah. You get the point. I'm not complaining here...A LOT of good happened too. Very much to be thankful for. Please don't think I don't realize my MANY blessings.  But, lets just say I'm welcoming May with open arms. A change of pace is needed. Which would make it appropriate that my goals begin with:

1. Stop "over scheduling" myself. Ok, in all reality I really only try to have REAL plans, be it playdates, girls nights out, date night, visitors etc. only around 3 days a week but lately things keep popping up left and right and before I know I end up with major plans 5 days a week which leaves me  scrambling to even finish my laundry, ironing, and just plan relaxing as a family outside on the GORGEOUS days! This go go go life may work for some people but not me. House work, keeping my home, being an attentive wife and mom is not only my duties and roles in this family but things I ENJOY. Being "over scheduled" is cramping my style, y'all!

2. Plant our garden!! I can't wait to try okra and green peppers this year in addition to tomatoes and cucumber! Okra is my favorite veggie ever of all time! Did you know that about me?? ;-)

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3. Do "inventory" on the 14,000 photos on this computer. Yes. 14,000. It's stupid. I need to delete all these old albums of photoshoots I've done for other people. Go through all the monthly photoshoots of these kids and only keep the "good" ones. It's insane. I want to cry actually. It's overwhelming. Now I'm freaking out…

Ok so in light of my first goal, I'm stopping with three goals. This is enough. But there is never enough cute baby...

My lil dude is basically a man and going off to his first job interview. He is a whopping 10 months old already. I keep thinking I must surely be crazy and be counting the months wrong. But here he is in all his cuteness. 

**I had planned to only post one photo…but then this happened.

My 10 month old baby boy is nearing adulthood toddlerhood. *tear


  1. I'm obsessed with ur babies!!! I agree about organizing my computers pics!!!! I need to too!!!

  2. He is looking so grown up...tear :(

  3. Love the do less goal...May is already getting crazy over here! Anyway, I saw some of your cute stuff at upscale junk and antiques and I'm hoping I will get to finally meet you tomorrow at the market...you know so I can stop feeling like a crazy stalker person when I say "oh, that's Val's stuff...the sip happens girl that I've never met...."

  4. You take time to iron?? Good for you! I am lucky if my laundry even makes it out of the dryer! I LOVE fried okra! How do you cook yours? Also, I'd like to put in an order for when you have some grown. I vote you sell that stuff. Jay is the CUTEST thing ever. I have to stop looking at those cute little cheeks before I start catching baby fever.