Monkey Hollow Winery

Last week the kids and I spent 4 days at home and on the way there I suddenly had the best idea… We were just miles from getting off the interstate when I saw the billboard for Monkey Hollow Winery (which I always knew was near my hometown but had never actually visited) …In case you all didn't notice a couple of the girls (Kristin & Samantha) who linked up to our last Sip Happens Party actually tried a Monkey Hollow wine so when I saw that billboard I knew a little wine adventure was in the works. I said something to Mother Hen and she too had never popped over to Monkey Hollow.  I had tasted wine from there just one time a couple years back that my aunt had brought over.  But aside front that I had forgotten all about Monkey Hollow until the last link up! Anyway, I dragged my mom and daughter on a fun little field trip. We tasted some wines and bought some too!! :-)  (Nugget girl skipped the wine since she is only 3..LOL..and had a juice box that they had complimentary for her) Lent is over (I gave up wine, remember??) so it was time to CELEBRATE!!!!


Below are the four I took home! I had to get the malbec because thats my favorite type of wine. The Hoosier Red and Pasture Limits2 were no brainers for their label alone... and the Peach was just a great fruity dessert wine that I thought might be nice change up!

Now I'm totally in the mood to start making trips to all the Indiana wineries!! Who wants to go with me?? Good thing local wineries is the theme for the next Sip Happens Party link up!!! Don't forget-- June 16th!!! CHEERS!

And go ahead and do yourself a favor and pop over to Champagne to Crayons for a fabulous multi-vendor Mother's Day Giveaway that I'm giving away a Mommy and Me set of earrings!!!


  1. I almost bought the Pasture Limit! I can't get over the adorable labels. Next time, let me know and I'll have you pick me up some Chambourcin. ;) Looks like a fabulous time!

  2. oooh how fun!!!! there are lots of indiana wineries...we should do a wine tour!!! ROADTRIP!!!!

  3. There are so many around southern Indiana. We need to plan a day outing next time you are home to hit some more up! Enjoy some good wine with some good company :)

  4. So fun! I am out of my work hole finally and can't wait to participate in the next Sip Happens party!