Braided Buns & Counting Bugs

It's finally AHHH-MAZING outdoors so we have been trying to move as many activities out of the house as possible. I love the sun, fresh air, new games, walks….all the magic that comes with the outdoors. One of my favorite things is a "picnic" in the backyard. Nugget and I have been having our picnics since she was a little 6 month old baby! I lay out a quilt (nowadays this happens during one of the dudes naps because otherwise I'm busy chasing him and not available for this one on one time with Nugget girl) I usually bring a snack and some sort of activity. She loves it. I mean she is a typical 3 year old and usually only hangs out for 10-15 minutes. But those 10-15 are golden. They are really great bonding time. So two days ago I had a little planned picnic. I was really hoping I would be able to practice my photography now that I can be outdoors and work on some skills in my Mom and Pop Photography Course, but I wanted it to be casual and for her not feel like I was just taking her photo. So we stopped and started a fair bit and mixed a few activities. These moments are some of my favorite and I wanted to share it with you!

So first thing...Being outside means long hair being down is a disaster. Somehow, I never prepare and put her hair up until we go out and then its all in her face and she running up to me to fix it 30 seconds later. I LOOOOOVE when she actually WANTS to sit still to have her hair done so the fact that she was willing the other day was a no brainer to photograph as I went. (usually she is stomping her feet for me to hurry so she can go down the slide) Since she was so willing, I skipped the standard pony and  wanted to give her some fun braided buns. Its an easy trick I'd use with up do's when I was still working in the salon. You braid sections of hair and sort of wrap/loop them up and pin them. It gives all those fun loops and intertwinements that look so cool. 

Sometimes my model can be a little moody and demanding, so per her wishes, we skipped bobby pins and used the Barbie clippies to secure the buns. Wasn't exactly the look I had in mind but I have found its best to not argue with a hungry model who is needing her popsicle.

And then she became a puppy that was eating a piece of grass….
 I don't know, people. She is 3. Thats all I can say.

 (Do you like her headband?? ;-) You can find some really fun new prints and colors in my shop! Available from baby to adult size!)

We shared popsicles and she played with my hair some. She loves to play salon which is sort of one of my favorite things in the world. She really likes to go for that "disheveled"  & knotted look with my hair. It's pretty much her signature styling technique.

And, lastly I usually try to mix some sort of learning into as many games as I can with her. She is not the type of kid that will sit down and just work on learning. I usually have to trick her into it. I found this fabulous shop, Busy Little Bugs, on Etsy a few weeks back that sells all sorts of super cute flash card printables, games, and activities and I bought like 4 different things from her. I love her graphics and bright colors that make it all seem fun. I downloaded 3 sets of flashcards: shapes, ABC's, and numbers. I printed, cut, and then had them laminated. So we took our counting cards out and worked on those for a bit. She gets really excited over the cute little critters on those things. I promise. She seriously will just carry these cards around the house because she loves the way they look.

I kinda love the cards and game that I bought so much that I contacted the shop owner to tell her how cute they were and that I wanted to share them on my blog. She was so sweet and wanted to extend a 40% discount to my readers through Friday (23rd)!!!!!  Thank you SO MUCH, Rebecca!! 
But seriously, even if you don't have kids, I got to thinking…these would make fabulous gifts. A fun alternative to just giving a toy.  Anyways, go check out her shop NOW! Please use the code CHICKENSCRATCHD for 40% off your purchase through Friday!! 


  1. This is one of my favorite posts you have ever done....I can't wait to have picnics with a baby of my own! What a wonderful idea! That shop is precious!!!! A perfect idea for my 2 1/2 year old niece! Thx for sharing! Xoxo

    1. Thanks Kelly!! I seriously LOOOOVE having our little "picnics" :-)