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Palazzo Pant Love

I can't even help myself. I actually can't decide if I like yoga pants or palazzo pants more at this point. I fully realize some of you (ahem...my sister) find my palazzo pants to be "fugly" as she would reference my personal style. But I like to have a little fun and not take life too seriously…so I'm rocking this trend out. #yolo Ok but for reals…A lot of people ask me where I buy my palazzos so I wanted to share some of my favorite sources:

There are endless sources out there…All you really need to do is google palazzo pants. But the above sources have proved excellent customer service and always carry some really fun patterns. I know its starting to be a billion degrees outside but palazzo pants are kind of perfect even through summer for those later evenings on the patio when the sun goes down…or even early morning errands. Additionally, I love that palazzos are typically made of a knit/rayon-ish blend sort of fabric…meaning that no matter your height, they usually come super long. Fabric like that does not need hemmed so you can just cut them right off at the length you need and then go on with life. Easy breezy. I love it.

The most common question other than where I buy my pants usually has to do with people not really knowing what to wear with them so that they don't look like pajama pants. My favorite pairings are solid basic tanks, with a jean jacket or sweater, flip-flops or wedges, and some bright accessories.

Palazzo Pants | Styled

Gap jacket / Kendra Scott stud earring set / BKE bracelet jewelry

The only thing I can't figure out about palazzo pants is how many I should I own. Tom seems to think that 6 pairs is enough…but I feel like I need to own every single pair that I like. Perhaps, I should just stop shopping for them?? Or do I need more than 6? ….Oh, you say I need 10-15?? Ok, then 10-15 it is. LOL Sorry Tom!
Just kidding...Sort of.

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