Time for a life - lately photo dump here..

 We have been trying to spend as much time outside as we can. Dirt and mulch is just way more fun than toys…. speaking of mulch… 87 bags to be exact:

Some planning and creating for a lil secret project that I can't wait to share hopefully very soon! And tons of snuggles with Nana and Poppy this month between us hosting Easter and a 4 day trip home!

The dude just wishing he could roam free like Nugget girl all over "the compound" as we like to call Nana and Poppy's. 

I shot some maternity photos for my dear friend. She is seriously so pretty…a toddler could take photos of her and her family and they would look amazing.

GAH! I mean seriously. I could eat this family up! 

 And then there was a surprise floor install. The floors, a surprise? No. But the fact that they showed up at 8 am on a Monday TWO WEEKS earlier than scheduled? Yes. That was a bit of an unexpected twist to our so called "plans" for 3 solid days. BUT!!!! We are SO EXCITED to have them done and they are such a great improvement!!

So for three days we were confined the upstairs. Yikes. That was interesting to say the least. But we had some fun rainy moving watching days…and some dress up shows. One in particular that led to Nugget demanding I put on that green "princess dress"….I look ridiculous. But it delighted her so it was worth all the claustrophobia I was feeling as I was squeezed into this crazy get up.

And just 2 days after the floor surprise finished I spent two days with my Mama working the Spring Handmade Vintage Market!! Lets just say there is very little left and I had to place orders this weekend for all new elastics and a fabulous new fabric!! Thanks to all who came and supported my business and all the vendors.

Market was so fun but I was happy to come home to a big glass of wine and some outside play with the kids.  I don't have a lot to say here…grass eating, "princess dress" wearing, front loader driving. I mean I couldn't be prouder. ;-) hahahhahahh

And finally, my niece made her first communion this last weekend. I was honored to style her hair and place her veil. But seriously though--to all the kids in my family. Stop growing now. Just stop it. The next kid to hit a milestone is getting put in timeout.

Well folks, that is a nice little snippet of some of the fun stuff that has happened in my life over the last month or so.


  1. Such fun things going on!! Love the floor!

  2. Lady. You lead such an exciting life, and I'm just over here eating oreos and bribing myself to change out of sweats. p.s. I'm excited for tacos and collaborating next week.

  3. so much going on..i know it was overwhelming..but ur booth at HVM was amazing...I thoroughly enjoy my mint rose necklace!!! The pics of Tiffany and her fam are beautiful! Good job Val! (i'm thinking we should team up and have a photography biz in addition to our other secret project)...I'm still OB.SESSED with that coral accordion skirt! Janae is my favorite..her voice is like a fairytale...and Jay is the cutest little man ever invented! (can u tell I'm sort of obsessed with all y'all?) xoxo

    1. Thanks!! thanks for always supporting me!! I totally think we need to explore photography together!! :-)