Love Letters | How to Get What You Want

I've been having pretty high success rates with some love letter tactics and I feel like it's only girl code to share them. I hope that you can use these are inspiration to help you, help the man in your life keep you happy.  I also have found that during the hustle and bustle of life my husband responds well to not ever having to wonder what I might want should he want to surprise me. These very subtle completely obvious hints are ringing it at about a 80% success rate for me. Hope they help!!!!

 **DISCLAIMER. I'm using this blog post as an experiment in conjunction to helping all my fellow ladies. I'm just testing the waters to see if the hubs still reads my blog. If you are there Tom…here are the links to what I want. You know, in case you need a gift idea for me sometime. 

These are just some past examples of what has worked for me! I hope they give you a jumping off point to helping your man get you that special little treat you have been wanting! 

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  1. why did i think the last note about ur undercarriage was about u getting pregnant?...im laughing out loud...and last night i thought you were talking about how booty shorts were comfy..what the heck is my problem???? hahhaha