Exciting Chicken Scratch'd Designs News!!!!

I'm so excited to finally announce the small change I'm making with little handmade brand! From this point forward all headbands both my baby pieces and adult elastics will now will non-profit! All proceeds will go to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital. I've created an entire new elastic set to help kick this off! Please see this listing or ANY of my other elastics or childrens accessories in my shop to purchase to help support an amazing cause!

Tom and I have been supporters to St. Judes for a few years now and care deeply about this children's charity. After months of this nagging feeling that I should use my shop for a good cause I suddenly knew what it should be. After contemplating other needy charities I found myself back at St. Judes, because after all, my brand began with baby and children's accessories only. It felt like a perfect fit for that reason in addition to a charity I already care a great deal about.

I hope you all will help spread the word via social media or just word of mouth... and remember my girls pieces and fun elastic sets when buying gifts for those who are special to you or just treating yourself while helping someone else out at the same time!!!

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  1. so proud of you!! I think my sister ordered a set this morning :)