Family Photos + July

These photos are everything. We are an insane mess of a family. But I wouldn't have it any different. My artistic soul mate Kelly took these for us on Father's Day. I love how imperfectly perfect these are. They reflect who we really are. We certainly don't have it all together….but truly look at my gorgeous & healthy kids. These photos are the visual to the stamped tie clip we gave Tom on fathers day that said: 

"the tie that binds us"

This is my family.
(insert my heart melting all over the floor)


1. Do something out of my comfort zone

2. Eat my first garden grown ripe tomato

3. Try to spend 2 times a week reading the book I started this last month (Hands Free Mama--It's already amazing. I can already say I recommend it)

4. Cross the last two dates off our "summer date list" (We are like crazy lucky to have my cousin living with us this summer while she works and internship--which is a direct result in uber easy and most importantly reliable babysitting!)


**Today on one of my favorite blogs she talks about "perfection" …it was so perfectly written and exactly how I feel about my own blog. I never want any of you to think that I even try to portray a perfect life. I simply choose to only share positivity on my blog because this is my happy place. I hope that anyone who is intimidated by others SEEMING "perfect" will read this. http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/2014/07/why-iheart-organizing-and-thoughts-on.html


  1. Hey Friend! It has been a while since I visited or blogged for that matter! LOL, I am just glad to be here. What a lovely family you have...the kids are too cute. Happy Summer to you all!

  2. I love these photos and I totally want to help you do something out of your comfort zone!