Habana Corn

I teased you the other week that I'd be back with a corn recipe inspired by New York City eating…. Drum roll please…..

I bring you my Habana Corn.

Cafe Habana which is totally amazingly F-A-M-O-U-S….ahem, think: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis--the movie Friends With Benefits. Thats all. No big deal…


Ok, but for real. It was friday at lunch. My very first day of my life to ever be in NYC and all the experienced NYC travelers I was with demanded we go to Cafe Habana. I'll be honest. I really wasn't excited. They kept talking about the damn corn and I was all like "eh"….I kinda wasn't into the idea of corn that day. Until I took a bite. And then, I was like really really into it. Like, hard. And then, I have gone back for the corn every single time I have visited NYC since then. 

Thats enough story and blowing smoke over here… I know that there are some differences to my version such as the cheese and they grill their corn. But lets just say its still fabulous and totally holds me over until I return to my beloved Cafe Habana

|| My Version ||

-I boil my corn on the cob. I usually don't break them in half like I did for this post but for my little kiddies hands I figured it might be easier for them.
-After boiling I drain them off. Spray with butter or you could roll on a stick but the spray is a million times easier. 
-Then, layer on mayonnaise all the way around. 
-Top that with a nice coating of parmesan cheese. 
-The final and most important part of all this…dust the cobs with chili powder. It adds the most brilliant zippy taste! I'm beyond obsessed.

And now for a fun little side note/thought/idea. I mentioned the other week that I can't currently eat certain foods due to this insane mouth piece I'm currently wearing for a jaw issue. Well, I also can't bite things off because of this mouth piece. Therefore I had to cut my corn off the cob. And then, it dawned on me that this would make an amazing corn dish. I don't know any measurements yet but am most certainly going to be working on this in the next couple weeks. It would make a really fun alternative to a typical boring corn side dish--especially if you ever need to make a side to take to a pitch in or a church event. I'm so excited that I thought of this, ya'll….Its going to be amazing. I'll be sure to share when I work out the details!

Now, go eat corn.

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  1. THIS sounds Aaaah - May- Zing! I will definitely be adding this to our Summer Menu...!