Stay At Home Dating

Many of us are in the same boat.

Kids. Routines. Bedtimes. No babysitter available. Sometimes no money either!

We have always enjoyed both our "going out" but also our "stay at home" time before and after kids…but having kids definitely puts more than a few kinks into the plans of continuing any sort of relationship with your husband. It's so important to remember that it goes: God, husband, then kids. Especially when you have your first child its so easy to reverse that order. I'm hugely passionate in encouraging my friends to not let that happen.

I'm writing this today, because recently, I had a really good friend tell me she admired the work and effort that Tom and I put into our relationship…how much of a priority we are to each other. It's always been who we are and what our relationship is, so I guess I never stopped to think about it. But, it made me think and continue the conversation with her. It made me stop and think about how hard it really is to date your husband once children are in the mix. Please don't misunderstand this for me thinking we have a perfect relationship. We are normal people. We fight. We disagree. We get tired. We get selfish. But one thing about us is that a week doesn't go by without a "date."

Today I'm just sharing our latest "stay at home date"….because going out once you have kids, going out is way overrated.

We did a little beer tasting after the kids went to bed the other night!! This was a new one for us…and it was a TON OF FUN! I sent Tom to World Market (our favorite place to find fun new wines/beers/etc.) and told him to pick up a few fun beers he had never had.

Before you even ask. NO WAY did we finish all 6 beers. Actually only two of them did we like enough to keep drinking. :-)

Each holding our favorite beer!
This one was fun because its actually brewed locally and Tom had no idea when he bought it!
And this lil guy….he felt the need to tell me that he bought this one because of the lady on the label. Way to wow me with romance Tom…Thanks. LOL Ok actually this was my favorite so he made up for telling me that.

I hope, more than anything, that this post inspires just one person to find a way to start dating their spouse again when all the circumstances are against them. Without a happy marriage is no happy family. Put your spouse first. Trust me…it will radiate through the family.

I leave you with some of our other go-to stay at home dates!

1. Morning Coffee --wake up 1 hr before kids typically do. Enjoy some joe and sometimes tune into the Today show together! (I try to initiate this date once a week if I can…but listen…sometimes Mama needs her sleep. ;-)

2. Shrimp Cocktail night!!!!! One of us will just surprise the other with a tray of shrimp cocktail and a bottle of wine! We may just sit on the patio with that or rent a movie. But it's always a huge treat and sets a great mood for a date!

3. (Tom's favorite) Cook a fancy/fabulous late dinner. Our go-to for this one is steamed crab legs. Sometimes if we aren't super hungry after a family dinner we just do the crab legs but occasionaly we go all out with potatoes and other sides. Again, its a super fabulous treat that I'm certainly not cooking and serving to the family for dinner!

4. We love some Scrabble around here! Sometimes we play scrabble or we may do something totally silly like Mad Libs!

5. One of us will run out to Dairy Queen or one of our favorite ice-cream places and bring back a decadent treat! This one never gets old.

Now go ask your Hubby (or wife!!) on a date already!!! 


  1. I loved this post Val! We don't have kids yet, but many times when we are home together, I am blogging or working and we aren't spending any quality time together. I LOVE the beer tasting idea!

  2. you.guys.are.perfect.