A Day in the Life...

No…this won't be your typical day in the life post. I will not be telling you exactly what I did on just one certain day. I will be telling you through movie, song, & book titles what an average day feels like to me. And for a little added entertainment I've decided to include some REAL photos of what my house looks like…not the staged ones from last week! :-) Just keeping it real! This should be fun…

7:00 Rush Hour & What to Expect When you are Expecting ( I wake back up nearing panic. I typically wake up around 6am and then make my decision to go back to sleep or enjoy a quiet morning by myself….but most days this is my real wake up time! This is my last opportunity to have coffee, do my hair, and put on makeup before the kids are 100mph.)

8:00 The Breakfast Club

8:30 The Departed (The dreaded drop in parent/kid ratio)

This is actually not as bad as it sometimes is.
10:30 Rocky #'s 1-6 (We are full throttle this time of day with chores, errands, and playdates)

11:45 Hunger Games

12:30 While You Were Sleeping ( During the one single nap time I get from my dude I try to spend one on one time with Nae as well as crafting and chores that I can't do with him awake…this is major crunch time for me usually)

2:30 Clueless ( I have renewed energy after a Jay's nap time. Yet completely avoiding the fact that I know we are nearing the unravelling of hangry kids at dinner time hours)

4:00 Fight Club

5:00 "99 Problems"- Jay z

Isn't this where you keep your 9x13 pan?? NO???? 

5:45 "Empire State of Mind" - Jay Z & Alicia Keys ( My partner in crime is usually on his way home or getting home around this time. Feeling restrengthened with the thought of backup support against my miniature army as my energy is depleating)

6:00 "So Happy Together"  -  The Turtles (Everyone has happy full tummys and thrilled to see our favorite guy in the world.

7:00 "Bubbly" - Colbie Cailat

Creepy. *please note the hawaiian coconut cup in the background for added "decoration" -I am told.
9:00 Sleeping Beauty (good night kids. Its been real. Lets do this again tomorrow.)

10:30 Crash (my eyes no longer can remain open for this day. Good night)

So there you have it. This is my life. Never a dull moment. Fun, Crazy, Exciting, Maddening--All at the same time.


  1. the doll is freaking me out......

    1. its awful. I can hardly continue life with these creepy dolls… LOL

  2. haha..loved this...the doll is super creepy...thanks for the decoration Nae!

  3. 99 Problems is the story of life er' day!