I Keep Trying to Quit Skinny Jeans

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I keep trying to quit skinny jeans. People!! They are NOT comfortable. I fall over and almost break my face every time I take them off and have to do like a whole full workout of jumping to get them on. But I can't seem to really bail on this trend. I mean as my really special poem above says--they basically go with everything. But I have such a soft spot for large flares (not really bootcut--huge difference)…Is it just me? I mean is anyone else as uncomfortable as me? Why do I feel the need to choose sides? Ok. I know the answer. I'm just neurotic.


  1. I own them, I like them but I can't make myself wear them in the summer. SO HOT! But you are right, they are ridiculously uncomfortable. I love boots too much to give them up!

  2. Haha I love this! I'm trying to get away from them as well, but it's harder than I thought! I rarely wear my flares because my Skinnies are too easy!