This is going to look like we have been crazy crazy busy…which in a sense we have been but I'm so happy with how much I've made an effort to scale back plans each week. The rest of the fun just gets to be filled in by everyday shenanigans! We have been hitting the pool a TON and lots of family time.

 Tom and Nae on one of their father daughter dates--horse & carriage ride downtown  + ice cream.

Out and about-ness (farmers market/lowes/pool)

I wish I could explain how identical my dude looks to me at this age. Only in this photo though. Its the first time I've ever looked at him and saw myself.

Tom and I spent a day antiquing and then popping over to one of his company's (he works for a custom home builder) model homes-- because I'm a dork and think that sort of thing is fun to do on a date!

Annnnnd….we brought back "Margarita Sunday *snaps*" ….Yum.

General cuteness of everyday life at home and at zoo!

And then my dude at some cake. He thought it was alright  the best thing of his life. Can you tell???

I've been DYING to do a cannon ball ALL SUMMER. But with two kids, Tom can't exactly just bail and come jump in with me…so when our best friends stayed the weekend for the big birthday party, we hit the pool and Adam was up to the cannon ball challenge with me!! I feel so satisfied now ;-)

This wagon. He demands wagon rides from sis everyday. Nana and Poppy got him this mini wagon and its a huge hit! lol…..Nuggs tries to make J pull her which is the funniest thing of my life. He tries…and can just a little bit. It's  just too much--I can't even handle how funny it is.

 Birthday lunch! We met Dad out at our favorite BBQ joint. He enjoyed that lunch about as much as his cake at his party.

We rounded out the last month spending the 4th at The Compound (Mother Hen & Rooster King's) One of the very best things about being there are the Rustler rides through the trails in their woods. EVERYONE loves this!

Poppy said it was time to take his Nugget girl fishing for the first time….she LOVE LOVE LOVED it! She caught the first fish…and one of the biggest next to her Dad's huge bass!

We went fishing on my Dad's family farm..the same place I always fished as a kid myself. 

Do you see the smallest fish to ever live in a lake that I caught?? It's ridiculous next to Toms. I mean complete nonsense.

We ended the weekend with a lil fish fry from our adventures!


  1. Your family is seriously so cute!!! I love all of these pictures!

  2. Yum!! That fish looks so good. I wish we had a community pool like that! Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun this summer!!

  3. looks like so much fun! I love the carriage ride with tom and nae! so cute! and fish fry=amazingness! I miss going on fridays during lent! haha...

  4. I think it's incredibly hilarious that Tom caught that huge fish and you caught the littlest one. I love fishing, but I hate fish! I can't handle baiting lines or taking fish off the hooks.