List #20

Me and my list making….I almost bought this book at B&N this last weekend. --its all about making lists. You know, for crazy people like me...but then I had to be real with myself that I'd never have time to sit down an complete it.

But anyway…it spurred the thought that it had been a minute since I had done one of my random lists on here. So here are some "fun facts" about me! ;-)

1. I love to sleep with socks on.

2. I don't EVER use cruise control.

3. I also don't generally drive with music on. I either talk to the kiddies or if alone I love this to be some quiet time to do my daydreaming and brainstorming!

4. I loooooooove to using the drill and the leaf blower. This is not a joke. I seriously love it.

5. I can't ever finish a whole coke. ( I only drink Coke…no diets and certainly no pepsi.)

6. HGTV is my favorite tv channel…not that I sit around and watch tv ever.

7. My favorite reality show is Guiliana & Bill. I heart them.

8. My feet do not touch the floor when I sit all the way back on the kitchen chairs. #shortgirlproblems

9. I do not like anything or anyone touching my face.

10. It is my dream to get a gift of every shade of spray paint that exists. Like seriously ya'll….Lowes has the most killer spray paint isle ever. I WANT EVERY CAN. And then I want a whole shelf system to display it on.

So there you have it! HAPPY HUMP DAY!


  1. Since leaf blowers and drills rev up your engine you need to give a power washer a try. You will be offering to wash for your neighbors. Word of caution don't power wash in flop flops. Oh hey, short girl how tall should that paint rack be to make sure you can reach all colors???? Hahahaha

  2. i'm with you on the spray paint..it just looks like a delicious candy counter! Also, having stuff touching my face...that bothered the crap outta me...especially when its one hair and u can't seem to find it!