Rooster Dude is ONE

Today is the day. One year ago I gave birth to my little dude…my snuggle….my bubs. He was my "easy baby" yet brought his own unique difficulties -ahem, never drank his first bottle until 5 months of age. Holy breastfeeding pressure Batman! GEEZ KID!--along with a few other things. He is a my smiley, happy, photogenic, food inhaling lil guy. He is all boy. Through and through. Whew…is he a boy. DANG!

(**This will be the most ridiculous photo explosion to ever happen on this blog. If you don't survive to the very end, I completely understand.)

And here my "baby" is today:

Are you all still here? Did you survive the first burst of photos? 
Ok good. Here is more...

Birthday Party Time
(joint party with his cousin who is just 10 days younger)


(One of the only shots I got before madness took over)

(The dudes. The Birthday boys. One Year Olds. Toddlers.)

(walking tacos for the win)

Did you think this post was almost over??? JUST KIDDING! 

And then he decided he needed to pick up the whole cake….

And then he was all like…"Hey Dude…is your cake as good as mine? You're not as dirty….I like to just get right in there. Seriously man..just smear that shit all over yo face! Look me dude. Just look at me"… Thats what I would imagine was being said here:

And then Nuggs was all like "this is taking forever mom…I'm doing my own version."

He liked his cake.

The End. 



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  1. Happy Birthday JayBird! Can't believe he's ONE!!