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So, I have wanted to do a home tour of sorts for a while now on here but it hasn't been until this last year that we have finally been settling in and really starting to make the changes we want to this house to make it feel like the home we want. We still have PLENTY more planned to do to our home, but I'm really excited with where things are so it felt like time to share! Both homes we have owned were existing builds and homes that were nearing 20 years of age, therefore needing updates. We love the customization aspect of buying a bit older and getting involved in those changes along the way! In our current home we have spent the last two years detailing with things like changing every door knob in the house out from 90's gold to our current taste of ORB (oil rubbed bronze), changing out floor vents from standard to these ORB decorative ones, to large furniture, and new flooring, backsplash, & general decor adjustments! We have SO SO much that needs done yet but we are enjoying the process and thinking of new things everyday! (I might have just decided that we need a sliding barn door situation in our house over the weekend….lets see if we can actually make this one come to fruition!)

More on WHY I wanted to do a home tour:

HGTV was the first channel I think I ever fell in love with when I was still a teen... and believe it or not the very first blog I ever started to follow was Young House Love many many years ago…and the next blog after that was All Things Thrifty. Are we seeing a trend here??? While I'm far from a pro, it's safe to say that home/interior design is a very strong passion of mine. Which brings me to why I would want to do a home tour. It's my absolute favorite thing to see home tours of other people houses. It's not really a "nosey" sort of thing..I love to just see what they have done and draw inspiration from it. So as I kept trying to muster the courage to do this home tour I got to thinking about a few of my close blogging friends and all the sudden had this idea to do a home tour series!! I have some seriously talented friends with amazing design esthetic--and one who is even an interior designer who have agreed to be a part of the series!  I invite you all to visit everyones blog listed in the roster below to follow the whole series….and don't forget to come back on Thursday when I'm hosting a non-blogger's home on my blog for her!

So without further ado….

Today, we are kicking off right here on Chicken Scratch

Tuesday July 8th - Elise from Sunday Charm

Wednesday July 9th - Kelly from Sequins & Scissors

  Thursday July 10th - Courtney's home HERE on Chicken Scratch

Friday July 11th - Aleks from A Slocum Story



I'm only 100% obsessed with my floors/kitchen table/light fixture so I had to be obnoxious and involve two photos of this area because this area is complete perfection in my eyes. This is my style.

Tom found this sign at Hobby Lobby nearly a year ago. It's perfection. It's us. I love having things in my home that show any visitor exactly who were are as a family!

One of the most important aspects of home design to me is using sentimental items and things that once belong to others before me. Every single room of my home has antiques and vintage pieces from my mother and grandmother. Here I have framed one of my mothers recipes in her handwriting with one of my grandmothers standing freely outside of it paired with my grandmothers flour sifter. These "moments" through my house bring endless happiness and warmth to our home.

The Playroom. The single most happiest place in my home. When house hunting we searched high and low for the perfect floor plan to use what most people use as a formal living room and formal dining as a playroom. We are not formal people. We knew it would be wasted square footage and I'm not personally one to enjoy useless space. We found only two houses that had the right flow and layout for this  plan of ours. This playroom space needed to be open and visible from nearly the whole house and most importantly the kitchen and other living room. Literally, we bought this house for the floor plan. Decor wise- I love how bright happy and fun the playroom is. I get happy just walking it. I love love love love love this space.

Someday, I'll stop being lazy and actually paint those frames white….you would think this post would have made me do it…but no. I'm just that lazy.

I couldn't get lil miss out of the room so I had to just roll with it….especially before it turned into the usual disaster it is on a daily basis.

Our master is a total work in progress. Its a huge space that I sort of don't know how to fill to be honest. With one side having 14ft ceilings and just general large walls and sq footage…not to mention the fact that no one ever sees this room. Therefore in my mind not a "valuable" place to be spending money on decor. But I'm slowly making some decisions and making this space feel a bit more done.
I made that faux roman shade the other week!! Until just then the original dingy brown roman shade was still there from previous owners. This light fixture was supposed to be installed above the tub for this shot, but clearly it is not. It seems like 24 hours in a day have not been enough lately combined with the need to sleep.  ;-)

There is so much more that I'm just smitten over in our house but let's be honest….I doubt you all care. lol. 

If you want to see more of our outdoor space you can view THIS POST. And, if you want to see more about the little stair landing "man cave" redo I did last June going down to the basement you can view THIS POST.

And finally, sadly, I do not have updated photos of my kid's rooms or guest room at this time…but I'm thinking that there will be updated house tours in the future! Because you know….this house will never be "done" :-)

DONT FORGET!!!!! Elise @ Sunday Charm is up next tomorrow!!


  1. You know I love your house, it's like my home away from home :)

  2. So yeah your house is so homey and comfortable yet super easy feeling, how come I cannot get myself motivated to put some of that zip in our home (aka the compound). I am always afraid it will be a bad choice.

  3. I love your kitchen table and especially your bathroom!

  4. The kitchen table and floor look SO fab together. Such a pretty home, love this tour!

  5. I love it! Well done on making it your own. We have tons to do and not sure where to start, but I know it will all come together some way, some how. Thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVE it all val! Im super jealous of the great lighting u have in ur living room/kitchen/entryway...I think the next house we buy...i bring my camera and if the lighting is good...we go for it! haha...( #ijustneedastudio)

  7. I love this!!! Your home is perfect!

  8. THIS is a home. Your house is beautiful!! I love how every room has little details that tell us it's YOUR home. Love it!!