Chicken Truth

I'm just getting a few mama confessions off my chest for your enjoyment ;-)


I have had to call Tom at work multiple times because I don't know what show/episode Nae is requesting. I don't watch her shows much and he actually pays attention and knows what she is talking about. 1 point for Tom.

I just don't give a sh** anymore about the playdoh colors getting mixed. I mean…if thats what makes their little hearts happy then fine. Go ahead…. Mix that doh up into the worlds ugliest color. See if I care!

I have officially done the hiding to eat a snack I don't want to share number that I always heard other mothers talk about.

I also sometimes hide just to hide.

And then... sometimes I walk around the house aimlessly with no real intentions just to see how long they will follow me.

Sometimes I just let the dude pick the green tomatoes too early because I get sick of chasing after him over to the garden to tell him no. Perhaps thats why our tomato stock has been down this year??! ;-) …but it makes him so darn happy and he carries it around the entire rest of the time we are outside.

I think like to color as much as they do.

But I don't want anyone to touch my page.

I secretly (oops! not anymore) love letting Nugs choose her own outfits. I LOVE when she looks 100 shades of crazy. You only get to do this stuff two times in your life. The beginning and the end. So her and this age that it is "acceptable" I say -- YOU GO GIRL!

J is STILL, at nearly 14 months of age, taking a (very small) bedtime bottle…He is my baby boy and has always been the hungriest little boy ever. He gets a yogurt and cheerios snack every night 15 minutes before bed but he LOVES his bottle so so so much and I just don't have the heart to take it away just yet. But just this last weekend I decided I refuse to hang my head in shame at his 15 month appointment and say he is still taking one….so he has one more month of being my baby. One more month.
….now I might go cry.

Lastly, I love the sushi from my local Marsh. This has nothing to do with being a mother. I just felt like telling you.

The End.


  1. I say give that baby his bedtime bottle if it is comfort, adult boys love their bedtime comfort!

  2. I definitely like to color as much as my kids too, best believe I have my own coloring book and crayons that they are not allowed to touch! ;)

    1. Thats a brilliant idea. I def. think I need my own crayons now….hahahahahahha