Friday Favorites


Ok a couple of "important" things to go over this week ;-)

1. Baby Big Girl started her school skills class this week. 
After agonizing all last spring about if Nae would start preschool this year we decided that there wasn't a right or wrong decision and since I get to be at home with the kids that we would forgo this year in standard preschool …and also because she is only 3 1/2 we just felt like all the programs we looked into and LIKED were 3 days a week and that was just too much for her at this age. But, over the summer we found this school skills program at Gymboree which is a PERFECT fit for this year. It's actually described by them as their preschool class alternative. Its a 2 hour drop off one day (or two if you want) a week. It's VERY similar to preschool but obviously condensed/abbreviated since its only two hours. I also like the fact that its month to month and if we want to pull out through holidays we have no obligation to a FULL school year. We can start and stop as we need to this one last year of our lives. There isn't much more to say other than she marched right into her class room and never even told me goodbye! She apparently told her teacher that she was having "SO MUCH FUN" (that is totally her…she is basically the most excited person on the planet).  I'm so proud of her and honestly so relieved to feel like we made the best decision for her and for us as a family for this year!

2. Junk Food brand tee's. You guys. I actually can't believe I have never written about junk food brand before. But for real. These are the BEST tee's EVER!!! SO SO SO SOFT!!!! I've been obsessed for at least 4 years. My first one was the NFL one and then next I got my NYC one…When I was in Soho on one of my trips I found a boutique that had like 3 tables of nothing but Junk Food brand tees!!
So anyway, here is my little collection. (they look super wrinkly because they are that super soft cotton that has no structure at all- therefor they ARE more of a wrinkly fabric….which is part of the charm.)
I can't help but get a new Colts shirt every year (ridiculous, I know…but I can't help it…#bleedblue) ….and this new one (2nd from left in top photo) Tom actually surprised me with this last week …and was so excited when I saw the Junk Food tag in it!! :-) I knew I would love it before I even tried it on.

3. This candle. It's perfection. From world market-- not only is it named the same thing as my girls -wine night series but it smells like heaven and I adore that its in a recycled wine bottle!
Oh wait..also while we are talking about World Market (one of my top 5 favorite stores btw)….I guess I've never payed attention before….but they have the most AMAZING scarf selection of my entire life!!!!  I'm totally already planning to go back and get a few for fall!!

4. And babies in PJ's. I die. I seriously love seeing my kids in PJ's the very most of all things.
Please stay my babies forever.

That is all.

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!

**P.S. Do you all wear white after labor day?? I do! ;-)


  1. I love babies in pj's!! My fave!! And we went through the same decision making for my 2 1/2 year old about putting him in school or not! It has been the best decision we ever made for him! We found a school that is the perfect fit for him and for us! :) Hope you have a good weekend! And yes, I do wear white after labor day because we live in Miami so we have very little cool weather!

  2. We faced the same delimma with Jack for preschool. We finally decided on lab school. We have a Junior College in our town. They have a school there that is the same concept of a preschool but it is only 2.5 hours a day and you can go either 2 or 4 days. We are sending him two days a week. He starts on Tuesday. He cannot wait. Oh, and kiddos in pj's seriously make my heart melt. I die...every time. I love it.

    1. It feels so good when you know you made a good decision for your kids doesn't it!!? I've been feeling so happy and content with our decision. Just another good lesson to follow your heart and gut for your own children and do what is right for your own family….not just what everyone else is doing!! :-)

  3. Do tell me about those beautiful keys.