This last month was birthdays galore.  "Party party party" was the theme. Every week we partied…celebrated birthdays, life….and had FUN. There was ice-cream, lunch dates with Daddy, picking our first tomato of the year, plain ole drinking from the hose, swimming & splash pad playing, camping all night in the playroom. There were date nights, weekends traveled, & weekends hosted… birthday parties, zoo trips, doing cheerleading stunts, and new tricks that Mom didn't approve of…. all in between snuggles and hugs from cousins, grandparents, and friends. It was a FULL month but it was a happy month.

I'm always amazed every month when I compose this post. I'm amazed at how busy we are but so thankful for all the "busy" we have in our lives. We are so blessed with close our knit families all around us and friends who are just as close as blood. Our lives are FULL but a good full. We have so many blessings and while it can feel like hustle and bustle and stress at times…..but its these moments when I put together this post that I realize I wouldn't change a thing. I realize how lucky we are. Gosh. Those smiles on everyones faces…those "firsts"…and general "everyday-ness" that never seems special in the moment. …I look back at the end of each month and see all the memories made.

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  1. Love this post with all the pictures. I feel like I was there. July was a super fun month for all of you!