Rustic Photo Plaques

This project was inspired by a few things:
1. Having new family photos taken... and then developing all the prints in huge sizes left me realizing I needed to get more frames to accommodate those size prints.
2. After living in this house for two years I FINALLY found some inspiration of how to fill up one of the obnoxiously large walls in our bedroom.  (the white mantle in the photos below that I found on a day date of antiquing with the hubs back in June--its to die for ;-)
3. I love this frame:

I bought for my collage wall in my entry way…except this 8x10 size was 29.99 and I needed two 11x14 frames which were 39.99. I'm way WAY to cheap for that. I thought the one at 29 was a bit of splurge.

Fast forward to a week ago one evening reading my book….my mind trailed as I was laying in bed with my book and just started looking at that wall again and suddenly I had an idea! So off to Lowe's we went the very next evening to gather my supplies.
 I originally had planned to stain first and then actual paint white and distress. I wanted to stain first because I wanted dark wood to show underneath…not the natural blonde of plywood. But once I stained I was smitten and realized it was perfection as is.
 Seriously. I love to stain wood. I get all sorts of crazy excited seeing the change. I think that might be the hair colorist in me coming out. lol
 So this part pictured sadly required Tom. I really wanted to do the whole project minus the cutting with a saw myself. (I have never used a circular saw and with kids around me I just didn't feel confident at all in this being the time to try) So as planned Tom cut my boards to 13x16 for me. This made them one inch larger than each photo on all sides.
But anyway, I guess I chose some stupid screws (admittedly for the their color and looks alone for obvious esthetic reasons) but they didn't screw into the wood easily at all. I had to enlist toms muscles to help and I had to steady the board since he had to push so hard. Now, if I hadn't been lazy, I could have just predrilled holes and then screw the screws in but thats not my style…at least when Tom was an arms length away.
I hole punched all four corners of each photo of where the screw would go through. Once the holes were made we just backed the screws out and lined up the photo and literally screwed my beautiful kiddies photos right to the stained wood pieces.
And finally to hang them since we had already secure the photos all the way in place with the screws to  ensure no bubbling in the photo I just covered the screw with a towel and hammered them right into the wall! Easy peasy!
This wall is finally starting to fill up and take shape. I want to keep expanding a tad more since we have some major height to deal with yet. And something amazing is needed up that table yet. (its the "pile everything here" type of table for our room. I hate it yet its too convenient to get rid of.) And finally, take note of the basket on the floor to the right of the table. I gave in. I have a basket of toys in my master bedroom. I just got too tired of things just laying in the corner on the floor so I decided to just embrace toys existing in all rooms of our house.
Did you notice I still need to buy another candle!? lol!!!

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