Leggings are the New Yoga Pants

Yep, I just said that. My love for yoga pants runs deep BUUUUUTTT some thoughts regarding them have changed in the last (almost) 3 years! (but, for real…I can't believe I've been staying at home nearly that long) Here is the scoop: When I worked at the salon I was dolled up more days than not. Hair, nails, makeup, clothes, heels. I've never been a sloppy person…but especially in the salon I believe you have to dress the part. Do you want someone sloppy doing your hair? A hairstylist appears to have no credibility if they don't look fabulous. So trying my hardest to look the best I could every day I went to work meant that when I was home I craved clothing like yoga pants and just basics in general. I always ALWAYS do my makeup everyday and my hair in some sort of way. It is just who I am. It's a huge part of me but I want a comfy day as much as the next person. So usually that was through my clothing choices. Being comfy was AAAAHHHH-MAZING for like 6 months of my life after I started to stay at home and then I missed looking cute. I wanted to look a little nicer and more put together on a daily basis yet still in practical clothes for my new job here at home. I still need and want to be comfy to handle my daily activities be it cleaning, cooking, running errands, or rolling on the floor with the kids. Jeans are ridiculously uncomfortable for me to wear daily at home. I love to wear them for short periods of time but you will NEVER see me answer the door in jeans. Not happening people. But I refuse to not look put together just because I don't have jeans on. Enter leggings. I've been wearing leggings seriously since they first hit big like 6-7 years ago but they were not staples in my wardrobe like they are now. So today I wanted to show you a version of my fall Mama Style.

If I was going to lunch or something like that I would absolutely wear this outfit as is but if i was running errands I would probably swap out those booties for some fun flats. I have some fun camo ones or even leopard flats that would be an amazing alternative for days that I'd be running around with 2 kids in and out of place after place.

But seriously, aren't leggings amazing? There are so many fun options these days in prints or detailing like the ones I have on here. (Victoria's Secret is my go-to for my leggings) I mean they are completely adorable with a tunic on top. Please never go out of style…


  1. oh I do love me some leggings! They have been a life saver! I just started staying home in August and I am so excited for Fall weather - leggings, over sized sweater, and a pair of comfy boots. I can't wait!

  2. those leggings are chic! love them! and love the new glasses!!!! I definitely agree with you..I like to be put together in some fashion on my days at home...unlike last night when Aaron came home and I had let my hair air dry...no clue why but my hair looked FRIED...he goes "Did you over process your hair?"..haha..words from a hair dressers spouse...haha...

  3. Adorable! I especially love your new 'do'!