Mama Style | Featuring Courtney's Packed Lunches

HEY HEY HEY! Happy Monday everyone! (lets just gulp down that coffee and get in a good mood and pretend its not the dreaded Monday, ok??! hahahah)

Soooooo I sort of have this idea of starting a little series called Mama Style. It will involve anything Mama related from cooking, cleaning, fashion, to everyday life, and general encouragement & much needed pep talks…to even some stories that will just make you laugh. I remember my sister-n-law saying it best when I first had Nugget…telling me "motherhood is like a club"….there is just something about being a Mom that bonds you to other women who are already mothers themselves. Being a mother is probably the most emotional thing you will ever do. Therefore you take it, interpret it, live it so so so differently then anyone else. Everyone has their own ways and own views. AND THAT IS OK! Actually, its more that ok. It's good. It's perfect. We are all very different with very different lifestyles and interests. With that said, I want to say that this series is INSPIRATION not a competition.  This is just one Mama's series on one blog. This is just what gets MY wheels turning. I hope that you read this series and can find some inspiration from it somewhere. I don't expect you to resonate with every single post but I hope that it is a source of encouragement or positivity to you somewhere along the road ...and if nothing else, lets all just laugh together at how ridiculous life can be with kids. ;-)

Ok ok so enough intro stuff. Please ENJOY todays featured Instagram goddess friend, Courtney! xoxo

So kicking "Mama Style" off today is my friend Courtney. She is not a blogger (BUT TOTALLY SHOULD BE!!!!) Not only does she have impeccable style (helllooooo did you see her house tour on my blog???) but she is a super devoted and 100% enthusiastic Mama. It is such a joy to see her capture life on Instagram. I HIGHLY recommend you follow her! Jubilee, her oldest started pre-K and Courtney has been packing the most unbelievably darling lunches that I have been dying to share with you all. So I want to say THANK YOU sooo much to Courtney for letting me feature your "Mama Style"

^^This is a photo of one of her supply happy mail days!! She orders all her adorable goodies from www.bentousa.com They have great prices and super awesome selection! Boy or Girl!!

Courtney- "She loves the small food compartments and sections."

Courtney- "It's fun for all of us! And she eats all her lunch 9 out of 10 times"

Are you all fainting over the cuteness as much as me? I'm totally not gonna lie…I made a nice little order from BentoUSA when she told me where it's all from. I don't have to pack lunches yet for Nae's school program but I thought it would be so fun to start maybe a one day a week "fun lunch" tradition with the kids. So of course I had to get some boy and girl stuff :-)

Courtney, once again, I want to say thank you not only for letting me share but by being an inspiring Mom. Your enthusiasm and creativity is contagious.


  1. SO very cute! Courtney is so creative.

  2. Do you think there is an age limit on cute bento box lunches?

  3. i always love seeing her bento pics pop up on my IG feed :)