We Kicked the Kids Out of Our Bathroom.

When we moved into this house we only had lil miss... and we used the guest bathroom for her bath time. Somehow, slowly, she took over our master bathroom...as did her brother after we had him. As part of my finally focusing on our master suite area of our house, I deemed it time to move the kids BACK to the "guest bathroom". The trick was, that it IS our guest bathroom. Therefore I did not want it to look too juvenile. We have a fare amount of overnight guests stay at our house so this really was important.  In addition to the guest factor, I needed to find something cute and fun, that was gender neutral. This spaced will be shared by brother and sister for years to come. After all these thoughts, ideas, schemes swirling around in my head for probably a month. I pulled the trigger on this small redesign of the bathroom after I found the PERFECT shower curtains at Garden Ridge (which is switching to "At Home" by the way). The rest slowly came together over a couple of weeks time of brainstorming additional decor. But you can see for yourself! …

 I've seen multiple times on Pinterest how people have used two shower curtains to frame a tub more like a window and I have always known that when I did get around to this bathroom that I would do that!

As for the wall decor: If I can find a way to use things I have or make something, I ALWAYS love that when re-decorating. I love saving $$ any chance I can. But, even more importantly, I love fun little projects. I feel such a different sense of satisfaction when I see finished results of a space that required my creativity and actual effort. So to create the whole collage wall space in the bathroom I spent exactly $0!! I literally had all those things laying around or I had the supplies at my fingertips through computer or physically in my possession! Can't beat that!

I'm including some pretty self explanatory photos of how I whipped up some of these pieces!

I had a few sticks of bamboo laying around and I literally just broke them into pieces and took some twine string and tied them together to make a cross!

I had this frame I knew I wanted to clip a photo or quote into so I resorted to the always helpful Pinterest to look up "bathroom quotes"…I found this one probably like 3 pins in and stopped my search. I LOVED it. I thought it was complete perfection! I just used my pic monkey account and whipped up a cute little version of it using the bathroom colors, mimicking the version I had found on Pinterest.

And finally, this peacock... As soon as I found the shower curtains, all I could think about was peacocks. The color scheme was perfect. I had found a piece at World Market but it was like 60 dollars. I'm just too cheap for that. Plus the size of it was just too large.  So I decided to just make my own! I just googled  "peacock" and found and image I liked and printed it on photo paper right here at home! Then I just mod podged it to a canvas I had. I had trimmed it down smaller than my canvas on purpose because I thought it would be fun to mod podge gold glitter for a little sass on the edges!! :-)

So that is my little bathroom update and why I kicked the kids out of my bathroom. ;-) They actually love having their own. Nugget always says "this is OUR NEEEWW bathroom!" She is especially proud to have a special bathroom. Dude doesn't care where he is though…just as long as he can splash water! hahahahah

Have you all done any fun updates??!?! I have a really exciting (to me) one to share with you all next week!!! eek!!! (I'm such a geek for this stuff. My apologies.) But, anyway, HAPPY MONDAY. Let's make this week amazing!

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  1. Love the bathroom! I actually turned our guest bathroom full on kiddo. Under the sea shower curtain and all. I am a huge kid at heart and love that kind of stuff though. We don't really have too many out of town guests either. When we move into a bigger house (hopefully in the next 3 years) I hope to have an adult guest bathroom along with a bathroom meant for the boy and future kiddos.

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster