Friday Favorites

It's been a minute since I've had enough time to put together a Friday Favorites post for you all but here a few things that have rocked my world lately! 


1. 90's radio. Enough said. 
But for real. Tom and I have been jamming hard to this XM channel for like the last month. Ace of Base, Goo Goo Dolls, TLC, & "N Sync anyone?

2. Red Cupcake wine! My favorite wine! I have loved Cupcake brand wine and specifically red wines in general for years but due to a mouth piece I have been wearing for the last 6 months that EASILY stains, I haven't been allowed to drink red wine. But I'm in the process of tapering out of my mouth pieces which means a few days a week I have been getting to have a little red wine treat again!!! YAY!!! #wino

3. New girl, Modern Family, The Mindy Project -- Fav. fall shows are BACK!!!! YAY! Things are right in the world again. Something about my shows coming back in the fall is the best feeling. An excuse to cuddle on the couch and laugh one to two nights a week is the best!! 

4. This Benefit Lollitint was one of the goodies I got at last weeks Beauty Bash hosted by The Browsing Brunette & Birchbox. I'm absolutely in love with this product the most!! Right now I just have their small trial size but I'm planning to get the full size ASAP.  Its a lip and cheek stain. I prefer it only on my lips because I don't like a lot of actual facial makeup.  I love that I can put it on and let it dry and then go on with my day with my tried and true Blistex chapstick over the top. Seriously. Get your self some! (They have other colors!)

5. Purple Cake Mix. How adorable is this??? Nae found it in the baking isle at Target while I was focused on the other side of the isle. She was like jumping up and down over it so I totally said yes. I mean a little cake never hurt anyone ;-) hahahah But it was super easy to make with the fun design and it seriously was so light, fluffy, & totally delicious!! They come in more colors so I have a feeling we will be buying many more of them!!! 

6. Holiday Socks. If you know me AT. ALL. you know I live for holiday socks. I freaking love them. Random dot com, I know... but I just do. My favorite place to buy them is JoAnn Fabrics which is even more random yet. But I swear to you they are the most comfy and cutest designs….and I have done extensive research on this ;-) hahahahaha But for real. I buy one or two new pair for every holiday every year (for like 8 years now). So this last week I made my annual halloween holiday sock shopping trip to JoAnn's.  

Happy Friday!! Have a fab weekend! I'm already off doing some really fun stuff this weekend! ;-) Be back Monday to tell you all about it plus what all we have been up to for the last month!!! xo


  1. Love your pink lip color!
    That purple cake is so bright and pretty!
    Have a great weekend, Val!!!

  2. I'm going to have to buy some of that purple cake mix for Miss D's birthday party! Fits right in with my purple obsession right now. ;) TGIF!

  3. I don't have XM, but when I do have the chance to listen to it I love 90's on 9! NSYNC is the best!
    I am totally diggin' that scarf you have on!
    I think I need to get that cake mix and some more holiday socks! :)