Happy Halloween!

While I personally think Halloween is one of the silliest holidays, I just adore seeing the kids get dressed up and enjoy the pretend play of being someone or something else! Over the years I have loved having festive playdates. The very first holiday party I had was three years ago- halloween. My oh my how the group has grown!!



When people hear about my parties they think I am crazy. And when I'm prepping or laying in bed the night before I always think I'm crazy too.  It's hard work and a little maddening having my house torn to shreds but I have some awesome Mama friends who always help restore it. They always text and ask "how can I help." Or "what can I bring" Everyone seems to look forward to and enjoy our parties. And while people (including my self sometimes) ask me  "WHY!??!?!?!? YOU ARE A CRAZY LADY"…I say: "WHY NOT??" Why wouldn't I? I have the space. I have the time. I ENJOY planning these parties. And most of all...It brings a smile to my face and makes my heart happy to see the kids having so much fun. The giggles. The hugs. The Mama's. The community.

Jay got his first kiss ;-)

Thats why.

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  1. I love your holiday themed playdates!! They are always so fun for the kids AND me :)