It took me until age 28 to realize...

I remember being in my early twenties and some of my friends who were 5+ years older than I kept talking about how a person's brain isn't fully done developing until age 27 … not necessarily directed towards me... but just insinuating that there is a lot more developing to be had for anyone my age. Mental maturity to gained etc.

Well, I'm closing in on my last month of being age 27 and I do think I have changed a lot. I don't personally think it has anything to do with age. I think it has less to do with actual age and brain development and more to do with just life lived. Children had. And lack of sleep ;-) Problems had, stress, and then resolved. I'm going to stop you all right now. Before you read any further... please know that I have nothing enlightening to say in regards to this age 27 mental maturity fact. But I thought I'd share what my age 27 brain has so maturely realized over this last year or so. <insert sarcasm>

1. To use my dry mop to dust all my stairway railings instead of doing it by hand. DUH.

2. I should just always dress in layers regardless of season.

3. I'm still scared of the dark. Unless I'm with one of my kids, in which case, I'm fearless.

4. I do not like dresses or skirts. I wear them because I should be a lady right??? But deep down…I hate them.

5. I'll always get in trouble for talking about inappropriate things at dinner from my Mom.  Just because I'm 27, doesn't mean she wants to hear myself and my siblings talk about poop. Which brings me to my next point.

6. All kids like to talk about poop.

7. There is nothing else in the world like just stepping outside for fresh air.

8. Wedges (shoes) are life.

9. Thongs (panties) are a tragedy.

10. When someone falls it's funny. It just is. If any of you ever see me fall I hope you laugh your ass off.

11. Just because you can fit your whole fist in your mouth, doesn't mean that you should do that. (maybe someday I'll tell you how much money it costs to fix your jaw from doing so)

12. Vinegar cleans everything.

I think that's just about it, folks. That is what 27 years of life has taught me…specifically just this last year. I'll let you know if anything profound happens in this next month.

Mother, aren't you SO PROUD?!?! ;-) LOL!

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  1. val...i fall all the time..like everyday..for real! I f-ing hate thongs but will wear them if necessary....I actually don't like wedges tho..i mean for me..i think they look super cute but i REALLLY hate heels or wedges...i love the way they look but this goes back to the thong thing..they are uncomfortable! actually everything is uncomfortable except socks/leggings/sweatshirts/pallazos/yoga pants....im so old............:(