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So in preparation for this post I asked my fellow chickens if they had any mama life hacks to share along side my two that I've discovered in my 4 years of motherhood. I just love when I read or have others give me really awesome tips and double uses for things that I already have around etc. And aren't we all also always looking for the best products to deal with things?!? Yes. Yes we are.

1. A diaper. Who doesn't have one laying around?! But honestly, keep one around!!! My mom thought to use one on a leaky pipe one time. Taped around the pipe it held for FOUR hours until someone could get to her house to give that pipe attention!
Completely genius!

2. Huggies Soft Skin Wipes. IT MUST BE THIS PARTICULAR TYPE OF WIPES. I've tried them all after I stumbled on this "life hack" but no other brands work. Not even the other types of wipes made by Huggies. It MUST be the Soft Skin ones. These wipes are completely awesome makeup removers! Like stubborn mascara and all. Seriously, I'll NEVER pay for makeup removers again. I'll never forget taking my makeup off in front of my sister one time with one of these and she was floored at how there wasn't a single smudge left on my face anywhere and it only took one swipe to take it off.

3. Preparation H wipes. My sister's lil guy gets diaper rash often and its super painful for him. She has tried so many things on his little tush and she found these to be amazing. Obviously not "meant" for diaper rash per say but they do the trick! Try this one out!

4. Aquaphor Healing Ointment. I know lots of my mama friends use this actually for diaper rash and baby bums. I actually don't use it for that oddly enough but rather started using it for my sons poor sensitive skin. I lather his entire body with this twice a day to keep his skin from flaring up with eczema. But what my actual "life hack" is to use this for sunburn relief or sunburn pain prevention. Earlier this year I was a ding dong and spent a little more time at the pool then I had planned. I'm super light skinned so I burn extremely easy. I came home bright red :-( I took a shower and honestly it was out of laziness that I actually grabbed my sons aquaphor to apply all over instead of my typical daily lotion…because his was closer to me. HA! I hope you will believe me when I promise I'm not exaggerating…I didn't feel one bit of sunburn pain. I'm usually in so much pain I can't even function. If this doesn't convince you enough, Tom got a little "toasty" one day later in the summer and I wanted to test this theory on someone else. I applied to him and he ALSO said it completely eliminated the pain!

**Obviously the goal here is not get burnt AT ALL but sometimes things happen.

5. Corona Cream. This is meant for horses but my friend Natalie has found this to be amazing on diaper rash, bites, scrapes, burns, etc. Another random product that has been found to help with everyday stuff! This one is on my list to buy!


Mama life hacks


  1. LOL. I use prep-H under my eyes to tighten up the bags that begin to hang under there after several nights with not much sleep!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  2. These are all super smart !
    I especially love the diaper on the pipe idea!