September Life & October Goals

September was so much fun. We did so many fun family things...road trip to meet our friends at an indoor water park, apple picking ( and annual family tradition carried on from my childhood), Poppy was in town on business for half of a week and we soaked up a little fun time with him, Zoo trips, pretend camping with smores in our backyard one weekend.  It was just really was a super awesome month. We finally got both kids on the same bedtime which is so special. I love that time everyday. Reading them both a book and saying our prayers. It makes the evenings so much less hectic having just one bedtime now!

So much to be thankful for. All those smiles and moments above are nothing to take for granted.

October is going to be much more busy. FUN... but busy. We began the month with our wedding anniversary which I'll post about this week. And there is so much more great stuff ahead that I can't wait to share as it happens!

So now that you all are fully bored with my photo bombing and rambling I will end today with my two big goals for October.


1. Get most of my Christmas shopping done!
This is a HUGE one for me. I'm usually well under way at this point every year but this year I have had a very hard time getting focused. But my list is growing and I'm ready to start purchasing!

2. Get back into the habit of using my real camera everyday instead of phone.

Have a great week everyone! 

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  1. So much love and joy in these pictures! You guys are adorable!